The resurrection comes out on July 17th and is $10. In it you'll find a collection of Bruce Weber-shot photos of models barely wearing any A&F clothes. Along with a touch of Cosmo, featuring articles about sex and cocktail recipes.

The quarterly was first released in the fall of 1997. It has always had racy photos mixed in with clothing items for sale. Right away the quarterly was compared to soft-core porn. The magazine ended up being pulled from stores in December 2003 after multiple boycotts by religious and women's groups.

In an effort to reach out to their customers Abercrombie launched a Twitter and Facebook account. They have over 2,000 tweeps and more than 1 million Facebook fans. But it's not enough to lure people into their stores. Sine 2007 sales have steadily dropped while prices have gone up. So last year, Abercrombie announced it would bring back the quarterly in London, saying that the Brits are open minded. The experiment must have worked and boosted sales. Because now American customers get a chance to have their own quarterly.

So what do our viewers think? Is it more soft core porn than fashion?

LuvMatthew: Abercrombie and Fitch is bring back the AnF Quarterly next all of America, but Utah. Thanks Mormons, you . . .

EliseKittyWills: YAY!!!!!! Abercrombie and Fitch have brought there quarterly back :D ♥
robk06825: The old A&F catalog was soft porn and eye candy.

MagCynic: Sweet. Maybe more people will buy $60 ripped jeans again.

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