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Jon Kreft, at long last, arrives at Florida State

Jon Kreft, the former South Florida high school basketball standout who in 2006 lost his scholarship at Florida State because of his arrest on drug possession charges, has made it to Tallahassee at last.

The 7-foot Kreft is enrolled at Florida State, is practicing with the Seminoles and will be eligible to play next season, team spokesman Chuck Walsh said. Kreft will have two years of eligibility remaining.

It has been a long road back for Kreft, whose infamous downfall threatened his future and opportunity to play college basketball. After he was arrested — he’d admitted to police that he’d shoved cocaine between his buttocks — Kreft served time and then wound up at Chipola College, where he has played the past two seasons.

FSU coach Leonard Hamilton remained interested in Kreft, though, and Hamilton was apparently convinced enough to give Kreft a second chance at FSU. Kreft was thought to be headed to FSU for the fall 2009 semester but still had academic coursework to complete.

Walsh said Florida State won’t make Kreft available for interviews anytime soon — and it’s likely not to be until next season. More on this story at some point later but, in the meantime, you can dig into the Sentinel archives and read up on Kreft below …

From May 2006: Kreft charged with cocaine, marijuana possession
From May 2006: Kreft loses scholarship at FSU
From May 2009: Kreft rebounding at Chipola, but is a seemingly forgotten man


Coach Hamilton had better have a VERY good reason for bringing a convicted drug offender into FSU’s program. I rather enjoyed Florida having all the bad rep as of late. If this guy can stay on the straight and narrow, then maybe… But ONE transgression and he is OUT! I will not watch my athletic department regress to the level of that one in Gainesville.

DutchFSU-you are being too hard on Kreft. Who among us hasn’t done some blow and then stuck it up our butts to avoid arrest. Give the kid a break. At least he is not choking and threatening to kill his girlfriend or getting off on kiddie porn like the Felons.

There’s a ‘butt crack’ joke in there somewhere.

Uh… Andy Dick- No, there is no such thing as being too hard on Kreft or any other student athlete. I understand that they’re not paid pros. I get that. But they are on the road to being highly paid pros at this level, and they’re getting a free education in the meantime. Selling CRACK is a friggin’ stupid thing to do when you’re looking at a NCAA scholly. No, he didn’t threaten his girl or download kiddie porn. But I won’t tolerate any criminal athletes representing my school like those Gata fans do.

Dutchie, he had coke not crack and he was only snorting coke not smoking crack big difference. And he was not selling anything. He only had 1.7 grams that is less than 1/2 a 8-ball and is considered personal use not distributing. He learned his lesson and has moved on and deserves a clean start.

Hamilton is a good coach…..But let’s be honest, he’s only taking him back because he’s a 7 footer. Snorting coke is a BIG problem! Another great athlete for kids model themselves after! There are plenty of good basketball players that want to go to FSU, why bring in someone that can potentially be a problem to the program. Bad decision by Hamilton.

Give my man a break. Everyone needs a second chance!

Water seeks its own level. Kreft will blend right in with his Criminole Nation peer group.

This to Ted Bundy. 25 arrest to 13. Looks like your Gaytors have taken over that distinction of criminals. Throw more rocks out of your glass house.

The Criminoles could use some pointers from our CONVICTS at the New Thug U here in Gunsville at the University of Felons.

No half truths or outright lies will even cover up the fact that FSU and it’s fan base are losers and always be. The only “Class” in your program was Bobby B. and you ran the poor senile man off.
You have no credibility and your Middle School Bias is laughable.

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