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This page provides pedagogical material for undergraduate Computer Networks courses. These courses introduce students to computer networks, and their physical and logical structures. They are taught at USF as EEL-4782 (three credit hour IT Computer Networks Class) and EEL-4782L (one credit hour IT Computer Networks Lab).

As part of the SOFTICE grant, this page hosts two types of resources for instructors and students:

  • A series of laboratories that leverage MLN (Manage Large Networks) and UML (User Mode Linux) virtual machines to enhance the hands-on experience of students in this course.
  • Information on how these labs were built. These resources can be used to reproduce SOFTICE'S Networking labs using free and open-source software.

Please contact Alessio Gaspar if you are interested in adopting / adapting this material for your own courses or if you have questions not addressed on these wiki pages.

SOFTICE Laboratories

This section documents the SOFTICE's Networking laboratories. These are meant to be used as one credit hour (roughly three hours of sessions) complement a three credit hour undergraduate course in Computer Networks (EEL-4782 at USF). The laboratories are meant to be run in parallel with the course, however they can be used as open / closed labs, or even assignments in a lecture-only setting. Wiki pages below will detail how to use, prepare for these labs a well as provide further technical or pedagogical pointers.

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