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155 MapsIdeaGameplayGraphicsXMLLaunchedFeatures
Classic ShapesClassic Shapes    3rd April 2008Naming Challenges
Classic ArtClassic Art    3rd April 2008None
AfricaAfricalilwdlnddudelilwdlnddudelilwdlnddudelilwdlnddude25th April 2006None
Age Of MerchantsAge Of MerchantsDiMDiMDiMyeti_c14th June 2007One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Strategic Resources
Age Of Realms 1Age Of Realms 1DiMDiMDiMyeti_c15th November 2007Conquest Gameplay , Dead Space , Ranged Attack , Starting Positions , Strategic Resources
Age Of Realms 2Age Of Realms 2DiMDiMDiMyeti_c19th December 2007Autodeploy , Conquest Gameplay , Dead Space , Decay , Ranged Attack , Starting Positions , Strategic Resources , Victory Condition
Age Of Realms 3Age Of Realms 3DiMDiMDiMyeti_c8th May 2008Adjusted Territory Bonus , Autodeploy , Bombardments , Collections , Conquest Gameplay , Dead Space , Decay , Ranged Attack , Starting Positions , Strategic Resources
Alexander's EmpireAlexander's EmpireMr. KMr. KMr. KMr. K18th October 2006Dead Space
American Civil WarAmerican Civil WarElijah SElijah SElijah SElijah S20th December 2007Capitals , Dead Space , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Strategic Resources
Ancient GreeceAncient GreeceMr. KMr. KMr. KMr. K9th May 2006None
ArchipelagoArchipelagoMjinga , ZeakCythoMjinga , ZeakCythoMjingaZeakCytho1st October 2008None
ArcticArcticBad SpelerBad SpelerBad SpelerBad Speler2nd February 2007None
Arms Race!Arms Race!MibiMibi , WidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers3rd May 2008Autodeploy , Bombardments , Collections , Dead Space , Double Dipping , Killer Neutral Territories , Naming Challenges , One Way Borders , Starting Neutrals
AsiaAsia    3rd January 2006One Way Borders
AustraliaAustraliaKEYOGIKEYOGIKEYOGIKEYOGI13th January 2007None
Bamboo JackBamboo Jackcairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk2nd November 2007Buildings
Battle For Iraq!Battle For Iraq!MibiMibiMibiyeti_c , Coleman8th May 2008Collections , Double Dipping , Negative Bonus , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Trapped Territory
Battle Of ActiumBattle Of Actiumcairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk21st September 2007Bombardments , Double Dipping
BeNeLuxBeNeLuxMarValMarValMarValMarVal14th June 2007Capitals
Berlin 1961Berlin 1961oaktownoaktownoaktownoaktown2nd November 2007Autodeploy , Bombardments , Capitals , Collections , Starting Neutrals
BrazilBrazilMarvaddinMarvaddinMarvaddinMarvaddin23rd March 2006None
British IslesBritish IslesNobunagaNobunagaNobunagaNobunaga3rd April 2006One Way Borders
British Isles[REVAMP]British Isles[REVAMP]N/AN/Agimillanyards9th January 2009One Way Borders
Cairns Coral CoastCairns Coral Coastcairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk16th May 2007One Way Borders
CanadaCanadaSupermarcolSupermarcolSupermarcolSupermarcol23rd March 2006None
Canada[REVAMP]Canada[REVAMP]N/AN/AWidowMakersWidowMakers28th October 2007None
Caribbean IslandsCaribbean Islandsedbeardedbeardedbeardedbeard14th June 2007None
CCUCCUjotajotajotajota24th June 2006Dead Space
CenterscapeCenterscape    30th June 2006One Way Borders
CharlestonCharlestonRjBealsRjBealsRjBealsRjBeals19th October 2008None
Chinese CheckersChinese Checkersoaktownoaktownoaktownoaktown13th March 2007Dead Space , Double Dipping
Circus MaximusCircus MaximusRocksolidRocksolidRocksolidRocksolid24th June 2006Dead Space , One Way Borders
Circus Maximus[REVAMP]Circus Maximus[REVAMP]N/AN/AWidowMakersWidowMakers14th July 2007Dead Space , One Way Borders
The CitadelThe CitadelTaCktiXTaCktiXTaCktiXTaCktiX3rd October 2008Dead Space , Killer Neutral Territories , Starting Neutrals
City MogulCity MogulDiMDiMDiMyeti_c23rd August 2008Adjusted Territory Bonus , Autodeploy , Bombardments , Double Dipping , Ranged Attack , Starting Positions , Victory Condition
Conquer 4Conquer 4KEYOGIKEYOGI , yeti_cKEYOGI , gimilyeti_c9th September 2008None
Conquer ManConquer ManWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersColeman12th December 2007Adjusted Territory Bonus , Autodeploy , Dead Space , Naming Challenges , Negative Bonus , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Strategic Resources
CrosswordCrosswordjotajotajotajota3rd April 2006Naming Challenges
D-Day: Omaha Beach!D-Day: Omaha Beach!MibiMibiMibiColeman27th September 2007Collections , Dead Space , Negative Bonus , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack
DiscworldDiscworldjotajotajotajota25th April 2006Double Dipping
Doodle EarthDoodle EarthEvilDimwitEvilDimwitEvilDimwitEvilDimwit28th August 2007None
Draknor - Level 1Draknor - Level 1jotajota , WidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers18th January 2008One Way Borders , Starting Neutrals
Duck And CoverDuck And Coveroaktownoaktownoaktownoaktown10th December 2007Bombardments , Double Dipping
Dust BowlDust BowlRjBealsRjBealsRjBealsyeti_c15th January 2008Decay
Egypt: LowerEgypt: Lowercairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk9th June 2008Autodeploy , Naming Challenges
Egypt: NubiaEgypt: Nubiacairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk7th August 2008Autodeploy , Naming Challenges , Starting Neutrals
Egypt: UpperEgypt: Uppercairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk2nd July 2008Autodeploy , Naming Challenges , Ranged Attack
Egypt: Valley Of The KingsEgypt: Valley Of The KingscairnswkcairnswkcairnswkHighCommander54031st July 2007Double Dipping , Naming Challenges , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack
EuropaEuropaMrBennMrBennMrBennMrBenn13th October 2008Collections , Double Dipping , Starting Neutrals
EuropeEuropeThegrimsleeperThegrimsleeperThegrimsleeperThegrimsleeper23rd March 2006One Way Borders
Europe 1914Europe 1914qwertqwertqwertqwert27th December 2008Autodeploy , Capitals , Dead Space , Double Dipping , Starting Neutrals , Victory Condition
Extreme Global WarmingExtreme Global WarmingPepperonibreadPepperonibreadPepperonibreadHighCommander5407th August 2007Dead Space
Feudal WarFeudal Wargimilgimilgimilyeti_c24th December 2007Autodeploy , Bombardments , Conquest Gameplay , Naming Challenges , Starting Positions , Victory Condition
Forbidden CityForbidden Citycairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk22nd October 2008Naming Challenges , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals
FranceFranceReverend_KyleReverend_KyleReverend_KyleDiM28th September 2007None
France 1789France 1789pamoapamoapamoapamoa9th February 2009Double Dipping
GermanyGermanyHoffHoffHoffHoff25th April 2006None
Great LakesGreat LakesWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersColeman21st May 2007Collections
Greater ChinaGreater Chinawissewissewissewisse21st March 2008Bombardments , Collections , Dead Space , One Way Borders , Starting Neutrals
HaitiHaitiedbeardedbeardedbeardedbeard19th October 2008None
Halloween HollowsHalloween Hollowscairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk19th October 2008Autodeploy , Double Dipping , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals
High SeasHigh Seasoaktownoaktownoaktownoaktown4th June 2008None
Hong KongHong KongCasperCasperCasperCasper18th September 2006None
IberiaIberiaBad SpelerBad SpelerBad SpelerBad Speler29th December 2007None
IcelandIcelandRjBealsRjBealsRjBealszimmah4th June 2008Naming Challenges
Imperium RomanumImperium Romanumqwertqwertqwertqwert14th September 2008Buildings , Collections , Starting Neutrals
IndochinaIndochinaFreakshowFreakshowFreakshowFreakshow25th April 2006None
Indochina[REVAMP]Indochina[REVAMP]N/AN/AWidowMakersWidowMakers10th October 2006None
IrelandIrelandkevinckevinckevinckevinc26th June 2006None
ItalyItalyRjBealsRjBealsRjBealsRjBeals27th September 2007Capitals , Collections
King Of The MountainsKing Of The MountainsWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers18th March 2007Capitals , Collections , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack
LuxembourgLuxembourgRuben CassarRuben CassarRuben Cassaryeti_c25th June 2008Starting Neutrals
MadagascarMadagascart-o-mt-o-mt-o-mt-o-m13th October 2008None
MadnessMadnesscairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk15th November 2007Double Dipping , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack
MaltaMaltaRuben CassarRuben CassarRuben Cassar , KEYOGIyeti_c25th December 2007Capitals , Ranged Attack
Middle EastMiddle EastSpiegelprimeSpiegelprimeSpiegelprimeSpiegelprime14th March 2006None
Middle East[REVAMP]Middle East[REVAMP]N/AN/AKEYOGIKEYOGI21st May 2007None
MidkemdilMidkemdilgnomegnomegnomegnome28th October 2007Autodeploy , Naming Challenges , Starting Neutrals
Mongol EmpireMongol EmpireGuiscardGuiscardGuiscardjohloh14th June 2007None
MontrealMontrealRocksolidRocksolidRocksolidRocksolid7th May 2006Capitals
Montreal[REVAMP]Montreal[REVAMP]N/AN/AWidowMakersWidowMakers31st July 2007Capitals
NetherlandsNetherlandsLone.prophetLone.prophetLone.prophetLone.prophet24th January 2008None
New WorldNew WorldColemangimil , ColemangimilColeman6th May 2008Autodeploy , Bombardments , Collections , Conquest Gameplay , Dead Space , Naming Challenges , Ranged Attack , Starting Positions
North AmericaNorth AmericaDublinDoogeyDublinDoogeyDublinDoogeyDublinDoogey10th September 2006None
NYCNYCSnapdoodle , Benny ProfaneSnapdoodle , Benny ProfaneSnapdoodleBenny Profane6th April 2008Collections , Double Dipping , Naming Challenges
OasisOasisInkl0sed , ZeakCytho , wcaclimbingwcaclimbingwcaclimbingzimmah22nd October 2008Dead Space , Decay , Starting Neutrals , Strategic Resources , Victory Condition
Operation Drug WarOperation Drug WaredbeardedbeardTelvanniazimmah , edbeard7th July 2008Autodeploy , Bombardments , Collections , Double Dipping , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Victory Condition
Pearl HarborPearl Harborcairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk9th September 2007Bombardments , Capitals , Collections , One Way Borders
PhilippinesPhilippinesMarvaddinMarvaddinMarvaddinMarvaddin20th August 2006Capitals , Ranged Attack
Poker ClubPoker Clubyeti_cyeti_c , WidowMakersWidowMakersyeti_c9th September 2008Adjusted Territory Bonus , Conquest Gameplay , Double Dipping , Starting Positions , Strategic Resources
PortugalPortugalgimilgimilgimilgimil27th September 2007None
Prohibition ChicagoProhibition Chicagocairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk28th February 2008Collections , Double Dipping , Ranged Attack
Puget SoundPuget SoundTishaTishaTishaTisha11th December 2007None
Rail EuropeRail Europecairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk16th April 2008Double Dipping , Naming Challenges
Rail USARail USAcairnswkcairnswk , WidowMakersWidowMakerscairnswk9th September 2007Double Dipping , Naming Challenges
San FranciscoSan Franciscojohlohjohlohjohlohjohloh28th April 2007Double Dipping , One Way Borders , Trapped Territory
ScotlandScotlandBalsiefenBalsiefenoaktownBalsiefen29th December 2007Capitals , Collections
Siege!Siege!MibiMibi , ColemanMibiColeman28th April 2007Double Dipping , One Way Borders
Solar SystemSolar SystemMaxdetjensMaxdetjensMaxdetjensMaxdetjens15th November 2007Collections , Dead Space , Double Dipping , Negative Bonus , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals
South AmericaSouth Americaedbeard , Marvaddinedbeard , Marvaddinedbeardedbeard10th December 2007None
Soviet UnionSoviet UnionPepperonibreadPepperonibreadPepperonibreadlanyards25th February 2008Capitals , Dead Space , Starting Neutrals
SpaceSpacejotajotajotajota1st June 2006Double Dipping
Supermax: Prison Riot!Supermax: Prison Riot!MibiMibiMibiColeman7th August 2008Bombardments , Collections , Dead Space , Naming Challenges , Negative Bonus , Starting Neutrals , Strategic Resources
Sydney MetroSydney Metrocairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk24th June 2008Ranged Attack
TamrielTamrielBanana StomperBanana StomperBanana StomperBanana Stomper9th May 2006Capitals
Texan WarsTexan WarsRgbubbaRgbubbaRgbubbaRgbubba13th May 2008Dead Space , Double Dipping , One Way Borders
Treasures Of GalapagosTreasures Of Galapagoscairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk25th June 2008Double Dipping , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Starting Positions
USAUSA    4th January 2006None
USApocalypseUSApocalypsejotajotajotajota11th June 2006Capitals , Collections , Negative Bonus
U.S. SenateU.S. SenateFitz69Fitz69Fitz69Fitz6927th March 2007None
WaterlooWaterloocairnswkcairnswkcairnswklanyards15th January 2008Bombardments , Collections , Double Dipping , Naming Challenges , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals
World 2.1World 2.1ZimZimZimZim1st December 2006Dead Space , Double Dipping
WWII ArdennesWWII Ardennesqwertqwertqwertqwert6th May 2008Bombardments , Collections , Naming Challenges , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack
WWII AustraliaWWII Australiacairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk14th June 2007None
WWII Eastern FrontWWII Eastern Frontqwertqwertqwertqwert31st July 2007Capitals , Starting Neutrals
WWII GazalaWWII Gazalacairnswkcairnswkcairnswklanyards25th March 2008Bombardments , Capitals , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Victory Condition
WWII Iwo JimaWWII Iwo Jimaqwertqwertqwertqwert27th September 2007None
WWII Western FrontWWII Western Frontqwertqwertqwertqwert13th November 2007Bombardments , Collections , Dead Space , One Way Borders , Out of Play , Starting Neutrals
8 Thoughts8 ThoughtsColemanColeman , WidowMakersWidowMakersColeman28th April 2007Capitals , Dead Space , Double Dipping , Negative Bonus
Holy Roman EmpireHoly Roman EmpiregrayhawkeUnit_2pamoapamoa27th December 2008Capitals , Victory Condition
Rail AustraliaRail Australiacairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk27th December 2008Double Dipping , Naming Challenges , Starting Neutrals
War Of The Triple AllianceWar Of The Triple Allianceoaktownoaktownoaktownoaktown27th December 2008One Way Borders , Ranged Attack
WWII EuropeWWII EuropeqwertqwertqwertGilligan27th December 2008Bombardments , Buildings , Capitals , Collections , Dead Space , Naming Challenges , One Way Borders , Out of Play , Starting Neutrals
USA Great LakesUSA Great LakesWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers3rd February 2009Autodeploy , Capitals , Collections , Dead Space , Double Dipping , Starting Neutrals
USA New EnglandUSA New EnglandWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers3rd February 2009Capitals , Collections , Double Dipping
USA RockiesUSA RockiesWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers3rd February 2009Capitals , Collections , Double Dipping
USA SoutheastUSA SoutheastWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers3rd February 2009Capitals , Collections , Double Dipping
USA SouthwestUSA SouthwestWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers3rd February 2009Capitals , Collections
USA WestUSA WestWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakersWidowMakers3rd February 2009Capitals , Collections , Double Dipping
WWI Ottoman EmpireWWI Ottoman Empirecairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk3rd February 2009One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals
Cairns MetroCairns Metrocairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk3rd February 2009Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals
San MarinoSan MarinoRuben CassarRuben CassarRuben Cassaryeti_c , MrBenn2nd March 2009Collections
WalesWalesMrBennMrBennMrBennMrBenn16th February 2009Double Dipping , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals
Eastern HemisphereEastern Hemisphereoaktownoaktownoaktownoaktown9th March 2009Bombardments , Capitals , Dead Space , Killer Neutral Territories , One Way Borders , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Starting Positions , Trapped Territory
OceaniaOceaniathenobodies80thenobodies80pikkiothenobodies8011th May 2009None
GreenlandGreenlandthe.killing.44the.killing.44the.killing.44the.killing.4429th May 2009Decay
Poison RomePoison Romecairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk18th August 2009Bombardments , Starting Neutrals
Castle LandsCastle Landspikkiopikkio , thenobodies80pikkiothenobodies8027th May 2009Bombardments , Starting Neutrals , Starting Positions
13 Colonies13 ColoniesIndustrial HelixIndustrial HelixIndustrial HelixIndustrial Helix 18th February 2010Killer Neutral Territories , Starting Neutrals
Fractured AmericaFractured AmericaIsaiah40Isaiah40Isaiah40Gilligan20th January 2010Capitals , Starting Neutrals
JapanJapanRedBaron0RedBaron0RedBaron0RedBaron018th February 2010Dead Space
AusterlitzAusterlitzpamoapamoapamoapamoa9th October 2009Autodeploy , Capitals , Ranged Attack , Starting Neutrals , Starting Positions , Victory Condition
Das SchloßDas Schloßcairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk12th October 2009Autodeploy , Bombardments , Collections , Killer Neutral Territories , One Way Borders , Starting Neutrals , Starting Positions , Victory Condition
Rail AfricaRail AfricacairnswkcairnswkcairnswkAndrewB18th February 2010Double Dipping
JamaicaJamaicacairnswkcairnswkcairnswkdolomite1325th January 2009None
TestTestabcd1st January 2006None
WWII PolandWWII Polandsamuelc812samuelc812samuelc812samuelc81210th November 2009None
VancouverVancouvershakeycatshakeycatshakeycatshakeycat25th January 2010None
Feudal EpicFeudal Epicgimilgimil , yeti_cgimilthe.killing.4428th December 2009Conquest Gameplay
Nordic CountriesNordic Countriesnatty_dreadnatty_dreadnatty_dreadnatty_dread24th April 2010Autodeploy , Starting Neutrals , Starting Positions
st. patrickst. patrick1st January 2006None
Cricket: SMOCricket: SMOcairnswkcairnswkcairnswkcairnswk22nd July 2009None
francefrance1st January 2006None
Flanders 1302Flanders 1302DubWarriorDubWarriorDubWarriorDubWarrior8th June 2010None
MacedoniaMacedonian.n.n.n.n.n.SWeko , Orange-Idaho-Dog , n.n.25th June 2010None