26 Locust Avenue

Danbury, CT  06810



         Based on the recommendation that one school could not meet the needs of all students, a task force composed of educators, representatives of the community, and students met over the course of a year to explore options.  The result of their work was the opening of the Alternative Center for Education at the old Locust Avenue School in September 1977.



The school is divided into nine guidance groups, with each teacher responsible for approximately ten students. A close relationship is created between staff, students and parents through frequent contact both in and out of school.  This relationship is the foundation of twenty-five years of success that has enabled over 500 students to graduate and become contributing members of the Danbury community.


Prospective students come for a two day visitŐ submit three letters of recommendation and complete fifteen hours of community service.  They are then interviewed by staff and students with their parents.  An important consideration is a studentŐs willingness to attend regularly and to improve academically.


Students who graduate from A.C.E. earn a Danbury High School diploma and must meet the same requirements.  In addition to participating in the DHS commencement, graduation exercises are held in January and June at the school.


Parent involvement is an important aspect of A.C.E.  It begins with the initial interview and frequent contact with the guidance teacher.  A parentsŐ group meets once a month to hear programs put on by community figures, staff, or other parents.










The leadership of the Alternative Center for Education is as follows:


1977 – 1997              -        Joseph Pepin as Head Teacher


1997 – 2002              -        Robert Riley as Director


2002 to present        -        David Canavan as Principal




Our building has been placed on the National Registar of Historic Places and is a Danbury Preservation Trust Landmark Building.