CentrePort Canada – Better Faster Cheaper

CentrePort Canada is North America’s new 20,000-acre inland port that has been designated Canada’s first Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Located in Manitoba next to Winnipeg’s James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, CentrePort Canada offers greenfield investment opportunities for a wide variety of business operations including distribution, warehousing and manufacturing.

CentrePort Canada is strategically located in the central time zone in the heart of North America. It boasts a modern, well-established network of highways, railways, air and sea connections to important regional and international markets, including eastern and western Canada, the United States, Mexico and Latin America, as well as Europe and Asia.

As an FTZ, CentrePort Canada has significant tax and cost savings to offer foreign investors and businesses looking for new ways to bring their products to the North American marketplace. FTZ benefits include deferral of customs duties and a GST exemption on products imported to Canada for warehousing or processing before re-export out of country.

CentrePort Canada features an impressive collection of transportation assets that are unmatched anywhere in the region and provide businesses with real advantages such as:

    • Flying through Winnipeg is cheaper than flying into U.S. destinations; airlines landing in Winnipeg can cycle their aircraft faster and more time in the air increases revenue; and international cargo flights are exempt from provincial fuel tax.
    • Winnipeg is home to one of Canada’s top cargo airports, has more than 1,000 for-hire trucking companies, is at the junction of three major continental railways (CN, CP and BNSF), and is closer to European and Asian markets via the polar routes.
    • Winnipeg offers great road, rail and air connections to North America – in fact, many major U.S. and Canadian cities are less than 24 hours away by truck.

    Winnipeg also boasts extremely competitive business costs including affordable office space and land, low construction costs and hydro-electric energy rates that are among the lowest in North America.  Winnipeg’s taxes are also lower than those of most major cities in Canada and the U.S.  In fact, Winnipeg has a lower effective Corporate Income Tax Rate and a lower Total Effective Tax Rate than 58 of 59 major U.S. cities, according to a recent KPMG study.

    All of these advantages mean that it is more efficient and cost-effective for international businesses to ship North American-bound goods through Winnipeg.

    To find out how CentrePort Canada can work for you, email us at busdev@centreportcanada.ca or telephone 1-204-784-1300.