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This is a Troper Tales entry. These are just personal anecdotes from people who have access to the Internet.
The wiki doesn't have opinions. These people might.
Troper Tales: Parental Incest

Please do post examples that personally involved you.
  • One of my female friends had a son. Her mother had been a cougar and married one of her "boy toys" and the man started having sex with both the mother and the daughter, even after the mother became pregnant.
    • How's this "parental" incest though? Is the man related to the mother?
      • There doesn't seem to be any messy genetics involved, sure, but Jesus Christ I'd say banging your stepdaughter is sufficiently squicky to count.
  • This troper had a dream in which this happened. She woke up thoroughly squicked and needing Brain Bleach.
    • I fucking hate it when that happens, on happened to me once though.
    • I get the same dream sometimes, but the morning wood really doesn't help the squick factor...
    • Happened to this troper too, too much disturbing...
      • This same troper has also seen a request for Spock/Sarek TOS fic on a kink meme. After which she was about ready to request Brain Bleach.
      • This (different) troper has heard of a Harry/James Potter slashfic. So that's necrophilia, incest, gay, and statutory rape. That's gotta be a record of some sort.
      • You really should have ended on gay. Anyway, wouldn't it only be one of necrophilia/statutory rape, since statutory rape is about forcing without consent because the person's too young and necrophilia is without consent because one party is dead? Unless Harry was the dead one in that fic, somehow...
      • No, statutory just means one party is underaged and legally incapable of giving consent. Necrophilia applies regardless of consent, as long as a dead body is involved (zombies usually count, thus).
    • Happened once when this troper was on a holiday with her family. It was a part of the horrible nightmare(s) she was having, however, that didn't make it any less disturbing.
  • This troper has friend who often complains that her father... flirts with her.
  • This troper once had a dream where he boned his aunt. Not quite the same, and my father (it was his sister) was adopted, but does it still count?
    • Oh, and in a similar vein, I find myself strangely attracted to my mother's half-sister. Don't look at me like that; it's not my fault I have a Goth fetish...
  • One of this troper's stories has the main character's father, who lost his wife to a plague that almost claimed the main character as well, trying to "fill the void" left by her death by trying to turn his eldest daughter, who looked very much like her, into her Replacement Goldfish. The main character, who was always fiercely protective of his sister, did not approve of this, and neither did she. When the father eventually tried to rape her, she fought him off and fled to her brother's blacksmith shop, where the main character was putting finishing touches on a new sword commissioned for a local lord. The father pursued her to the shop, there was a confrontation between father and son, and the main character struck his father down. The main character had to leave his homeland because of this, since kinslaying is a very serious offense there.