Pet Adoption Resources
Links to animal rescue agencies and pet adoption organizations in Northeast Oklahoma

Obed, Debbie Solano's Golden Retriever
Obed, my Golden Retriever
Spaying and Neutering is the Law in Tulsa

Healthy animals face early death as a form of animal control. Others are left to face starvation, automobiles, the elements, and cruelty. Spaying or neutering pets to prevent unwanted offscpring can help save millions of animals from dismal fates.

Tulsa animal ordinances require all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered by the age of six months unless the owner secures an exemption. The ordinance states:

"Section 101.OFFENSES

It shall be an offense under the terms of this chapter for any owner within the Corporate limits of the City of Tulsa to harbor, keep or possess a dog or cat over the age of six months, other than a dog owned and used by the Police Department of the City as a police dog, which has not been spayed or neutered, unless the owner has secured a hobbyist exemption permit."

Pet Adoption Links

Here are some hyperlinks to agencies and organizations dedicated to finding homes for our less fortunate neighbors.


Thanks to the kindness of volunteers with ARF and other organizations who help place pets in homes, I have been able over the years to place many abandoned pets who found there way to our farm in Claremore.

This web page is dedicated to those agencies and volunteers. Please help them with your time and money whenever possible.

If you know of other agencies that are not listed here, please let me know by sending an email to me at:

Links for Dog and/or Cat Lovers
  • Health Pet Net -- Pet Care and Nutritional Resources for Healthy Pets
  • Pet Life Radio -- Podcasts about Pets
  • PAW -- Pet-friendly Accommodations Worldwide
  • PAW Blog -- Pet-friendly Accommodations Worldwide Blog
  • Dog Travel Company -- Buy a Seat for Your Dog on Your Next Flight, Dog-Friendly Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Train Travel for Dogs, etc.
  • -- Fur-Zoff is designed to remove pet hair from the fabrics of your life. Its hair scaled raking action does not harm the fabric but rolls the hair up for easy removal. In the home or auto you have not seen anything that works this easily and it never wears out.
Links for Horse Lovers
  • -- Your Guide to Equine Health Care
  • Humane Horse Remains Disposal Options -- What to Do and Who to Turn to when Your Horse Dies
  • UHVRC The Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Program -- helping the overburdened equine rescues and retirement facilities provide healthcare so they can rehabilitate, revitalize and, ultimately, re-home America’s unwanted horses.The Green Equestrian -- A blog that claims to be "an 'outpost' for all equestrians seriously involved or interested in 'green.' An equestrian knowledge-base dedicated to environmental issues in the equine industry as well as to the maintenance and preservation of the cultural factor HORSE."
  • Emergency Layup Directory -- Register Here to Provide a Safe Haven for Horses during Hurricanes, Travelers' Emergencies, etc.
  • -- A fully searchable online database of over 12,000 riding stables and 2,800 tack stores with a unique filter-based search technology that lets you find exactly what you're looking for.
  • Horse -- horses for sale or lease, tack, equine services (such as boarding facilities, farriers, hauling, lessons, stud services, tack shops, training, veterinarians, etc.), farm & ranch supplies or equipment, real estate, riding apparel, trailers, activities with horses, clubs & organizations, other horse items, or want ads ... basically anything and everything horse related
  • -- Directory of people and services in the equestrian world.
  • Pine Hill Pet & Horse Cemetery -- Horse and Pet Burial and Cremation Services
  • Adopt a Horse -- Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF).
  • -- Oklahoma Dressage Society (ODS), USDF Group Member Organization, United States Dressage Federation Region 9
  • -- Dressage unLtd.
  • -- The United States Dressage Federation (USDF)
  • -- National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport (USEF)
  • Topline Ink Equestrian Journal -- Publication for Discerning Dressage and English Sport Horse Riders
  • Horse Classifieds - -- Horse Classifieds
  • Horse Trailers - -- Horse Trailers
  • -- New and Used Horse Trailers
  • Horse Tack - -- Horse Tack
  • The Horse of Course -- unquestionably the world's finest English tack shop, featuring saddles, bridles, and horsey gifts
  • Bit by Bit -- Therapeutic Riding Program at the RSU Equestrian Center in Oologah
  • -- Horse trading made easy
  • Equine Legal Solutions -- Insurance for the Horse Industry
  • -- Equine Insurance Specialists
  • -- The Oklahoma Horse Industry Council is dedicated to the common interests of horse people and to promote the equine industry.
  • -- the complete resource for Oklahoma's Horse Enthusiasts
  • -- Videos for horse people everywhere. This site is for armchair riders, wannabees, and dreamers as well as for active horse enthusiasts.
  • Dog Travel Company -- Buy a Seat for Your Dog on Your Next Flight, Dog-Friendly Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Train Travel for Dogs, etc.
  • Fitness Singles -- Equestrian dating site
  • Equestrian Pony Parties -- And you thought there was no possible way to turn your child's mount into a tax deductible business expense!
  • World Equestrian Trail Riding Services -- World Equestrian Trail Riders Services (WETRS) was created to meet the needs of equestrians to preserve our trails, forests and natural vegetation for future generations to enjoy, putting a strong emphasis on maintaining environmentally-friendly practices on the trail and within equestrian communities.
  • Bar Fifty Ranch -- Arkansas Bed and Breakfast for Horses and Horse People, trail riding, overnight horse lodging, cedar log cabins...
  • American Horse Publications -- American Horse Publications (AHP) is a non-profit association established in 1970 to promote better understanding and communications within the equine publishing industry.
  • B. Hymer Art -- An Equine Artist who Paints Horses on Tee Shirts.
  • -- Free online dating site for horse singles, horse lovers, and horse friends. A club for all sincere and serious horse people! is a place where thousands of active and unrestrained horse people meet, date, become friends and more in the pursuit of the same dream as you have. Whether you are looking for horse singles, horse friends or you are interested in finding other horse lovers to chat with or someone who loves polo, rodeo, jumping, endurance riding, fox hunting, trail riding, horse racing, dressage, cowboy mounted and action shooting.
  • -- online dating service for horse lovers and riders
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