Zach Braff To Direct Swingles


Actor turned director Zach Braff took a six-year break after his feature directorial debut Garden State, an emo indie romcom which was the surprise hit of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. Bought by Fox Searchlight and Miramax, the film went on to make over $35 million worldwide, more than 14 times the film’s budget. The movie won Braff a Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack, and went on to gain an even bigger following on DVD.

What has Braff been doing the last six years? (don’t say Scrubs)

Is he worried about producing a sophomore flop?

It looks like Braff has finally found a new project.

Braff is in talks to rewrite, direct and co-star in the comedy Swingles for Paramount Pictures. The original spec script from Duncan Birmingham has been described as a 21st century When Harry Met Sally. The story follows a man and a woman who find themselves without their respective wingman and wing-woman when their two best friends fall in love. Braff will play a bachelor who teams up with a sharp-tongued woman he can’t stand (played by Cameron Diaz) in order to meet singles. Jeff Roda also did a rewrite.

The project sounds a lot more studio-conventional than Braff’s previous film. The least we can hope for is another kick ass soundtrack.

source: Variety

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  • topheavy
    after punkd all I see is a duchebag.
  • can't they just release awesome soundtrack to movie treatments that aren't made yet but will suck (without actually making the crap movie)...

    itunes should have a soundtrack section for unmade movies, compiled by directors in the know (danny boyle, cameron crowe, etc.)
  • dagreenman18
    Sounds predictable, but im sure the writing and the directing will be more than enough to make it stand out from the rest.

    One thing is certain: The soundtrack will be fucking awesome.
  • loretta johnson
    sounds like a cross between Swingers & Singles
  • ----
  • ben
    Garden State = spoonfed corn wrapped in cliché.
    Please stay away Zach.
  • Zach Braff is a very cool and collected dude! Not only has he been an actor on Scrubs but also directed 7 episodes which were amazing. Garden State was awesome and he brought the soundtrack that he wanted along with the script, not too many directors do that. The soundtrack can really make a movie better.

    Not too mention his appearance on Arrested Development which was golden! Good luck Zach and I will watch this new movie! :D
  • John Guard
    he's a one hit wonder.
    if he was not, he would have not waited six years.
  • gah
    i actually liked Garden State. i know it spawned a whole army of quirky hipster films but i still think it holds up (despite that HORRIBLE third act). This however sounds like a pretty broad studio romantic comedy. hope im wrong.
  • This sounds cliche, but he should do fine with it.
  • Ben
    He was supposed to be doing a remake of a Danish film called 'Open Hearts' which sounded a lot more interesting than this. He said the only reason he hadn't done it so far is that the people he wanted for the parts were unavailable.
  • Birch
    Season 8 was the best if you don't count the first 4 seasons and they fact that the Bahamas episodes were the worse episodes the show has ever had.
  • Ok Zach is cool in Scrubs and there allready behind the camera, Maybe thats a good idea.
  • Gennaro Gattuso
    Braff is a terrible human being. Swingles is a godawful title. The plot gives me the horrors.

    I'm looking forward to this movie already!
  • By no stretch of the imagination was the Garden State soundtrack "kickass." Coldplay? Iron and Wine? It's fine if you like that shit, but calling it kickass is like calling Regina Spektor "raw as fuck."
  • BamaJuice
    What has Braff been doing the last six years? I'm gonna say it...SCRUBS! B)
  • mangos
    even though i don't really care for garden state. i love me some john dorian. and his last episode of scrubs was sad.
  • Jeff
    I love "Garden State," but he has done other things (besides Scrubs) since 2003. I won't list his IMDB, but I believe "The Last Kiss" was his project just as much as GS (including helping with the soundtrack).
  • UomoRagno
    He didn't write or direct "The Last Kiss" like he did with "Garden State". It was a remake of a Gabriele Muccino's Italian film of the same name. So I wouldn't say it was as much his as was "Garden State" because for one it wasn't even his original idea.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Zach Braff fan but I would really like him to write and direct something new that truly is his.
  • Ben
    It was adapted by the lad who wrote Crash and then Zach Braff made 'alterations.'
  • isn't diaz like 50 now? she seems too old for this part
  • WTF. Braff isn't old, either? Please. They're in the same age range. What's up with the audience's phobia of actresses who are above 30 years old???
  • UomoRagno
    Yeah she is only 3 years older than Zach. My problem with Cameron Diaz and Zach Braff in a movie has nothing to do with her age. I just don't find her very funny.
  • It's not that she's not funny.

    It's because Cameron Diaz is a cyborg sent from the future to make crappy films and date douches like Mr. Timberlake.
  • funny, because I don't think Zach Braff is very funny, while I'm indifferent to Diaz.
  • i guess she is only 3 years older. i dunno maybe it's because his character on scrubs is so immature and the fact that she has been around a long time but i thought she was significantly older. I have no problem with older actresses, i just thought she didnt fit this part with braff.

    i still think it's kind of a mismatch. i cant see any chemistry between the two.
  • Garden State was a great film, one of the few movies I watch on a weekly/bi weekly basis. Braff can definitely direct, but I wish he'd stick with the indie roots. This sounds to much like every other rom com thats out right now. And Im sorry but the last episode of this season of Scrubs was probally one of my favorites. It wrapped up nicely, and still showed hope of some guest appearances for JD to just show up. All in all Braff can act and direct, but I dont know bout a bollywood rom-com for him though.
  • apparently they have renewed scrubs and it will be back next season. i agree i thought that ending was great and wrapped the series up well. seems kinda weird to bring it back after that
  • they're taking the show in a new direction. there's going to be new characters to follow. Braff, Chalke, McGinley, and Faison have only signed on to appear in 6 or so episodes. and i agree, they wrapped up the series quite nicely.
  • I hated Garden State so I'll be skipping this one.
  • I was watching, but after a little sadden that flimi I felt very comfortable
  • meh lets hope its better than the last 3 seasons of scrubs!
  • I thought season 8 was the best season yet.
  • Kyle
    As long you don't count the horrible interns episodes, then I agree.
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