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1. It's Oppo! Season 4 Episode 14 - Share
2 months ago
Nick Jr. Presents - IT'S OPPO!
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  • Eusong Lee 2 months ago
    I am proud of you that you finished it! the most ambitious first year film!! not only funny, It has a worthy message to be shared, and you pulled it off. great job!!!
  • Kyle Baeta-Orick 2 months ago
    This turned out amazing, Tyler.
  • Katelyn Gannon 2 months ago
    Loved how it turned out, and I loved seeing you record the live action stuff on Keane St.
  • kris anka 2 months ago
    your the fucking king
  • David Wolter 2 months ago
    So so so much more disturbing when you can understand all the words. Great job!
  • Hyunjoo Song 2 months ago
  • Penelope Helen Gazin 2 months ago
    oppo is an anagram for poop.

    great job
  • tiffanyford 2 months ago
    Fantastic elastic
  • Rika Endo 2 months ago
    this film made me laugh the hardest.
    oppo, the highest approval rating of 2-7 year old asian girls from the south west we have ever seen!
  • Andre Barnwell plus 2 months ago
    LOL. Nice
  • Jesse Soto 2 months ago
    Definitely cracked my mind open what a challenging message! Very ambitious! Proud that you were able to set out and accomplish this great feat! And yes, it's more disturbing if you can understand what's being said. Great work, Tyler.
  • Gellnerism 1 month ago
    awesome man. just awesome.
  • Nathan Malone 4 days ago
    I love how this character looks like some sick crossbreed between Pocoyo and Dora the Explorer.
    GOOD WORK. I love how nightmarish it became once it revealed what horrid hairy little man Oppo was.
  • Charles Pieper 4 days ago
    This is fantastic stuff! I loved it.
  • Andrew Knight 3 days ago
    that was amazing!!! >_
  • Pat Dorian plus 1 day ago
    Congrats! Great work!
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