Jun 28 2010 12:10 PM ET

Exclusive: 'Smallville' baddie joins Syfy's 'Being Human' remake

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Sam-WitwerImage Credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage.comUPDATED: Multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that ex-Smallville‘s evildoer Sam Witwer (a.k.a. Doomsday) is the odds-on favorite has officially signed on to play vampire Aidan in Syfy’s in-the-works U.S. remake of the U.K. supernatural dramedy Being Human.

Additionally, Meaghan Rath (The Assistants) has inked a deal to play ghost Molly, and Sam Huntington (Cavemen) is up for the role of werewolf Josh. Beautiful People‘s Ricky Mabe and Smallville‘s Aaron Ashmore had also tested for the werewolf part, but I’m told they’re no longer in the running.

Being Human revolves around three twentysomething roommates — named Mitchell, George, and Annie in the British version — who attempt to blend in despite, you know, being a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost.

It’s Three’s Company meets True Blood, and it’s a big bloody hit across the pond!


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  • Kim

    It’s extremely rare when a British hit show that is remade in America is any good (Coupling, anyone?). I wish they’d just leave it alone.

    • Sharon

      The US version of “Queer As Folk” a billion times better than the british one.
      Also, the US version of “The Office” is much better, I wouldn’t judge a US version of Being Human, at least not so fast :)

      • Janey

        Not even. QAF US was a pale imitation of the first, lacking what was great about the original. I only had experience with the remake and thought it was good until I saw the original.

      • Sebastian

        While I agree with you about US The Office being just as good (if not better) as the UK version…I have to disagree with you about US QAF. The US equivalent was embaressingly bad on so *many* levels. The UK version’s writing/acting was much stronger and daring. QAF US was crass, tacky and poorly written. And don’t even get me *started* on the lack of prominent GLBT minority representation on a show that took place in Piitsburgh, for pete’s sake…

      • Shaun

        i’m willing to admit that in some respects US shows are better than the UK originals… but! for the most part, i dont want my dark sinister Being Human, turning into mitchel vs ubbercrock, or some bright shiny version of the original.. i thought this idea was squashed months ago.

    • MaryJane

      Think “Three’s Company”, which was a remake of a British comedy in the ’60′s.
      But you’re right, usually the US version is screwed up by bad writing and it goes down the tubes very quickly.

    • Bill

      Coupling was actually a remake of Friends so it was odd that NBC did a remake of a remake of their own show.

  • JohnM

    sigh…still think this is a bad idea.

    • esquirrel

      yes it is.

    • JJ

      Hooray!!! There can never be enough gay vampires on TV!!!

      • Bereft Skerrick

        Had you watched the original you’d realise that the vampire from the UK version is most certainly a ladykiller, in more ways than one!

      • Julien

        aidan aint gay, nor is any of the other two mains
        im so worried about this, i dont want it to hurt being human in any way, that is such a good show
        between skins us worst week us being human us ect… you start to wonder when america is going to pitch some original material(glee?the year before britannia high cae out in the uk and flopped, nothing original in glee, at least in britannia high they had mostly original songs(still like glee though)

      • BKWURM1

        Sam Witwer is an amazing casting choice. If the show flops, it won’t be his fault. His picture doesn’t do justice to how fantastic it is to watch this guy do his thing. Yummy! Wasn’t interested before, but now I can’t wait.

  • Mikaylah

    I love the UK version, so I am excited to see what they do with it here. I hope a season is more than 6 episodes!

    • tvfan

      I thought the UK version had potential, but I did not like the writing.

  • Jimmy

    AWESOME!! Two incredible Smallville actors in the same movie?

    Looking forward!

    • Jack

      Truthfully… I am disappointed. Must we ruin a good thing by “americanizing” it? Why cant’t SyFy air it , as they do other shows (say for instance “Doctor Who”), in it’s original genius state, instead of trying to…I don’t know… beat everything unique and/or original out of it.

  • TheDudemeister

    It would be hilarious to see Sam and Aaron reunite on a new show. I say, go for it.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Unfortunately, I think the article says that Ashmore tried out, but was “no longer in the running.” I could be wrong though.

  • Alia

    The UK version is pretty enjoyable, so I’m willing to give an American version a shot… especially if Sam Witwer’s involved.

    • lehlsis

      Me too! I loved Sam in Smallville, and I truly enjoyed season 1 of BH. Can’t wait to see what they do with it.

  • Pocket

    Rubbish! Aidan Turner (who plays Mitchell) is deliciously good looking, and he can do the very intense and dangerously calm thing which makes a great vampire. This guy? No effing way. Rubbish as Doomsday, no hope for the US version of Being Human if he’s one of the leads. And there was little enough hope anyway.

    • Kelly

      Turner actually wasn’t the original Mitchell. Guy Flanigan was. So if the recast worked once (Flanigan was unavailable when Being Human was finally picked up), I don’t see why it can’t work again. (Admittedly, I didn’t think it worked at all with Turner. Obviously you feel different.)

  • Gaby

    wow Ashmore and Witwer posibly reunited again?

  • TisMe

    It might stand a better chance of working than the remake of Skins MTV are going to do.

    • esquirrel

      WTF! Skins by MTV? It will never work.

  • tvgirl48

    I still hate this idea. I can’t imagine anyone playing the roles better than the original Mitchell and George. Especially Mitchell, he’s brooding but without being annoying, he’s dark and mysterious without being pretentious, and he’s smoking hot and Irish. I hate that they can make the same exact show but with American actors and that’s okay. It just feels like more of a rip-off than a remake when the original is still airing! This is going to be another case of Life on Mars, IMHO – remake a great show with American accents, fixing what isn’t broken, etc.

    • Wilson

      Are you serious? Witwer is the man! He was great on Smallville, BSG and the Mist! This guy is soooo watchable. Read the first 5 scripts and they are even better than the British version. I can’t wait!!!!

      • BKWURM1

        Wilson, boy do you have it right. Witwer is incredible to watch. Something about the way he moves is almost hypnotic and he’s not just a pretty boy, but a great actor. Somehow he made changing a lightbulb a big moment. He was the highlight of Smallville in season 8 (except for a truely suck – tackular ending to his story which doesn’t lessen his performance)

    • AT

      They’re not fixing what isn’t broken, they’re sharing a different interpretation. They don’t have to be exclusive from each other. Why not watch both?

      • Rebekah

        Well said, AT. I don’t understand why people always create this either/or dilemma. It’s okay to watch both versions of the show.

  • KD

    BLEH! :o P

  • dertike

    “It’s Three’s Company meets True Blood, and it’s a big bloody hit across the pond!”

    big hit? it hasn’t got even 1 million viewers

    • Tone

      For a country of 65 million of which about 3 quarters of that have a tv, a million viewers is pretty good.

  • BHM1304

    I think for fans of this network Sam Witwer will forever be Battlestar Galactica’s “Crashdown”.

    • Jen

      Pretty much, yeah. I know I’ll always see him as Crash.

    • Maggie

      I always see him as starkiller/Galen from star wars the force unleashed.

    • murley

      totally crashdown. i’ll give it a shot – my bsg loyalty runs deep.

      • greg

        He was also a creepy serial killer wannabe on DEXTER . . . .

  • timotey

    The UK version didn’t click for me at all. I hope that the US version will be better :)

  • Megan

    The casting looks disastrous. Doesn’t matter, there is no way I’m going to watch this Americanized crap version to a show that is great just the way it is.

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