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The 40 Fires Foundation develops energy-efficient technology using an open source approach

The first project is an open source hydrogen fuel cell electric car

40 Fires is hosting the development of the Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell powered network electric car.

The long term aim is to make as much of the car open source as possible, consistent with having the best and most efficient car. Parts such as the fuel cell, the motors and the tyres are made by other manfacturers and are proprietary to them, but most mechanical hardware, electronic hardware and software will be made available.

Call for help#

We are currently working on specific aspects of the project. If you want to help us, follow the links! Licensing
We are working towards a complete licensing strategy for the car.
You will find notes on licensing and forum discussions here.
and additional notes here


New blog entry - follow this link

11/06/10 Riversimple in the news, as it announces a partnership with Leicester City Council, in the east midlands region of England, to pilot its hydrogen car in 2012. Follow this link to find links to a number of news stories reporting on the story.

06/06/10 What's it like to live with an electric car? Interesting story on the BBC. Follow this link

04/06/10 Having some interesting discussions with Dassault Systemes, creaters of CATIA, the leading CAD programme and other development tools. Will report further soon.

27/05/10 Toyota and Daimler to work together on Fuel Cells vehicles. article Kia also announced they would produce 10000 hydrogen vehicles by 2015. Article

10/05/10 A great article on "The Ecologist". Could open source technologies help us solve climate change ? link to the article

28/04/10 We have changed the license under which the data currently on the site is available. Data was previously subject to a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. However, as a member of the community pointed out, restricting use to non-commercial purposes is inconsistent with an open source approach. Go to the bottom to the bottom of this page and click on terms of use for more information about the new license.

GM just announced they will be investing 890 million $ in... their new V8.
OK it will be more fuel efficient, but it still amazes me. Any idea on how much GM invests in alternative energies ? Nico.
more info
If you feel like discussing it, have a look at the forums (Technology matters section)
We've uploaded a note on licensing - follow this link.
A potential new way of generating hydrogen! An MIT researcher has created a virus that can harness light energy to catalyse the splitting of water. link to the article

Had a really good session on licensing on Tuesday morning, with Hugo, lawyer Andrew Katz, Pia Weiss from Nottingham University and others. Licensing is a critical part of any open source project. Will post a summary of where we got to in the next few days.


The London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP) has set out plans to create a ‘Hydrogen network' by 2012, to help accelerate the wider use of the low carbon energy in the capital. The action plan aims to encourage a minimum of 150 hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road in London by 2012. Read more in the News section.

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