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Cabinet Office structure

Our organisation

You can find out about our overall structure and who works here in the Cabinet Office structure charts. These charts include the Prime Minister's Office (Number 10) and the Deputy Prime Minister's Office, both of which are part of the Cabinet Office.

For each of our groups there is a chart showing the names, job titles and grades of its senior civil servants, as well as the number of staff who report to them.

Organisation data

The information in our structure charts is also available as spreadsheets of resuable data, which set out the numbers of staff at different grades in each of our groups. We publish data in this way so that experts can process it as they wish.

Explanatory note:

This table details all staff below SCS working in the Cabinet Office

Staff numbers are expressed as full-time equivalents (i.e. 0.5FTE = 2.5 days per week)

The following groups of staff are included:

The following staff are excluded: