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A1 Dishforth to Leeming Improvement Scheme (A1 Dishforth to Barton)

A1 Dishforth to Leeming Improvement Scheme (A1 Dishforth to Barton)

Located in
Area 14Map of the Agency's Operational Areas
Scheme type
Programme of Major SchemesRoad Schemes Managed by the Highways Agency
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The Project

The existing A1 is an all-purpose two lane dual carriageway carrying in the region of 45-54,000 vehicles per day with approximately one-quarter being heavy goods vehicles. The route generally follows the 'Dere Street' Roman Road except for deviations at Leeming and Catterick. Constructed in the 1950's and early 60's, the existing A1 fails to meet present day standards for layout and alignment. There are a high number of sub-standard accesses, central reserve crossings and local road junctions. Slow moving agricultural vehicles use the route to enter and exit farms and fields adjoining the A1. The route has a poor accident record with continuing safety, congestion and journey time reliability problems.

The objectives of the improvement are to reduce current high levels of accidents and congestion and enhance journey time reliability by upgrading the existing A1 to dual 3-lane motorway standard. The proposal is generally on the line of the existing road. Motorway junctions are proposed at Dishforth, Baldersby (A61) and Leeming.

Other crossing points for all users, over or under the motorway, are proposed at:

  • Rainton (existing bridge)
  • Sinderby
  • Street Lane
  • Burneston Hargill (Oak Tree Underpass)
  • Gatenby Lane (existing bridge)
  • Londonderry
  • Bedale/Northallerton Road (A684) 

A Local Access Road is being provided where appropriate to meet the needs of local and non-motorway traffic. Care has been taken to meet the needs of equestrians, cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users.

On the 31 March 2008, the Secretary of State for Transport, Ruth Kelly, gave her approval for the Highways Agency (HA) to upgrade 24 miles of the A1 dual carriageway to three-lane motorway standard.

A copy of the Inspector's Report and the Secretary of State's Decision Letter can be found at:


Line, Side Road, Detrunking and Appropriation Orders were made on 18th August 2008 and Compulsory Purchase Orders were made on 15th September 2008.

The Line and Appropriation Orders are for A1 Dishforth to Barton. However the Side Road Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders are for Dishforth to Leeming (the southern phase of the project).  The Side Road Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders for the northern phase (Leeming to Barton) are being reassessed in line with the recommendations from the Inspector's Report and it is hoped to present our proposals in 2010.

If you require further information you can contact us via:

Current Position

Following publication of the Made Orders, the Secretary of State announced that the scheme would be delivered in two phases. Construction of the Southern Scheme (Dishforth to Leeming) commenced in March 2009 and is due to take three years to complete. The construction of the North Scheme (Leeming to Barton) is expected to follow in 2014 subject to the completion of the necessary statutory requirements and funding being available

Rainton Services Closure: Rainton Services will be permanently closed from 4th January 2010. Other services are available North at Londonderry Lorry Park and Leeming Bar (about 10 miles away) and South at Wetherby (about 15 miles away). Further services are located at Scotch Corner and Skeeby.

The Rainton Services closure information is available to download in a PDF format via the Publications page.

Further information about what is happening on the scheme can be found in the Progress to Date and Traffic Management pages.

Who's Who?

The Highways Agency will be present on site throughout the construction phase and will be joined by Atkins Highways who will provide advice and support.

The Highways Agency's contractor is a joint venture between Carillion and MorganEst, whose partners, AECOM (formerly Faber Maunsell) and Grontmij, provide design services.

The main site office is located to the west of Leases Bridge at:

Leases Farm Quarry
Leases Bridge
Leeming Bar
Tel: 07717 715 564