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Midori's biography (Click here)

 There are few performers who can match Midori's energy, her sexuality, her popularity. One of the first so-called dark-skinned black performers to enjoy true crossover appeal, Midori has catapulted to a level of popularity higher than even her sister, Jody Watley, a former lead singer for the popular R&B group Shalamar.

Despite an attempt to regain some U.S. popularity and improve sagging record sales with a semi-nude Playboy shoot, Jody has not returned to the top 100 charts. She is, according to her sister, enjoying success overseas. Meanwhile, Midori is back in porn after a brief, but disputed leave. She was reportedly involved with some rather popular celebrities, and in an exclusive interview with The House Of Truth, she talks about the reasons she left, her sister and her future.

 What happened with your website? Will you be getting
another one started?
I wanted control of my site, therefore I opted to not have one at all until I gained control of what I was paying for. is up now and will be up soon.

 What's been going on with you lately? I've heard tons of rumors about
personal health problems, love problems, babies, etc. Can you clear all of this up, including the true Kid Rock stories?
Last year I came to a point that I needed a break, so I took one for a year. After I broke up with Kid, I found out that I was pregnant, I was undecided as to what I wanted to do but the stress of the whole situation dictated my final decision. I terminated the fetus and the man.  I got married to a wonderful man in Jan.  No problems here, they have been fixed. :)

 How did you feel about Jodi posing in Playboy? She's made much to do over what you do, and it appeared she was turning to skin to get her name out there again.
I think it was a great decision that she made.  Since I could not do Playboy due to my hardcore past I'm glad it was in the family.  I was there with her in Hawaii when it was shot.

 Is she handling this period in her career well, because she's not the
"name" she once was.
In America she's not in the limelight, but in Asia she's all over the place. She wanted time after her divorce to give to her children and spend  with her daughter before she left for school out of state. She's been writing (Destiny's Child and Faith Hill feature songs on their CD's written by Jody)

 I see you've been making some movies lately. Shall we call this a
comeback or simply you resuming your career?
Resuming, lol

 Now that you are back, what do you plan to do in the biz? And how much longer will you stay in front of the camera?
I'm presenting " Midori Entertainment and concentrating on my Site and music

 Curious to know what made you decide to go the implant route? Was there pressure from producers, etc?
I got boobies done in 1996.  After breastfeeding , I lost a whole cup size and just wanted to fill them out again. No pressure, I don't let people do that to me.

 As a dark-skinned black woman, do you find trouble finding work? Is there a bias towards finding more fair girls? How does that make you feel?
The skin color issue, is more prevalent in the black race (look at video's) as far as the industry/society/world it's still slow progress, but I have noticed that when the others dip in chocolate it's usually dark. :)  Most fashion models are of the darker hue and I'm glad I have taken great strides in the adult arena to showcase the beauty that darker women "do" posses.   I just want the stereo-types to go away.

 Thoughts on comebacks by old time big namers like Dominique Simone and Janet Jacme? You know these girls? What's your opinion of them?
I know these ladies and they are human just like the rest of us.

 What would you like to tell those who love black erotica? Is there
something they should know about distribution of material, where they get it, etc?
Alot of the companies feel that the stereo-typed "ghetto/booty" videos is a reflection of the black culture and this is what we want to see.  And in the strip clubs they feel a black feature lures the 'bad element"

How has the adult biz changed since you've been in it?
There is more people of color involved
 What couple of rumors would you like to clear up about Midori? If any?
I enjoy my black men as well as the others and I am pro-black, I just don't get into the militant attitude.

Allegedly, you got out of the biz to have Rock's kid. Did the baby come and is that a true story?
I did not have the baby.

How is your singing career going? What's the latest on that?
I'm featured on the "Deep Porn" release I have 2 songs, produced by Kid Rock and Wide

Where can fans find you next? Got a hot film out soon?
Video Teams "West Side"

 Once and for all, what's the deal with you and girls scenes? I know
you've been reluctant to do them. Why? And do you do girls in real life?

I have had experiences with women but It's just not my thing.  I enjoy sex with men much  better.