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Psychological Ops Group

15 (UK) PSYOPS Group
A dismounted Print Cell

15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group

The Radio Broadcast Suite The Radio Broadcast Suite mounted in an all terrain vehicle. Psychological operations (PSYOPS) are a very important part of today's military tasks. PSYOPS can persuade enemy forces to surrender before the fighting starts. They are also used after a war - like Iraq - to help progress in the country. As a PSYOPS operator you will produce leaflets, newspapers, posters, radio broadcasts and television programmes to spread positive messages in order to influence peoples attitude and behaviour.

15 (UK) PSYOPS Group is a joint service organisation, with personnel from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. A Royal Navy officer currently commands the group. Both regular and reserve personnel work in PSYOPS. Jobs in the Group include photography, design and production of printed products, production of TV programmes and production and broadcast of radio shows. There is also an Operations Support cell, which is responsible for providing the resources PSYOPS needs, and an Intelligence cell that carries out research and analysis on target countries and audiences. This is a very important task as it allows PSYOPS products to be designed and tailored to suit the people who will see or read them.

PSYOPS teams can work anywhere in the world where there are British forces, and also work closely with our allies. All equipment used by PSYOPS is designed to be quickly moved anywhere in the world, and can be set up and used either on land or on a ship. In the last year members of the Group have worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Bosnia, and have carried out training in the UK and Germany. During the war in Iraq coalition PSYOPS were very busy. A team is still in Iraq, doing a vital job in helping the new Iraq develop. This team also works to cut crime and reduce support for terrorism.

PSYOPS is a fast-growing part of the Armed Forces; there are many opportunities for training and operational deployments. Whatever your role in the Group you will have the chance to learn many new skills; often everyone gets involved when a job needs done, which makes life very challenging and interesting.

If you are a member of the Royal Navy Reserve and have drawing, photography or design skills, and would like to put them to good use, please contact your nearest Royal Navy Reserve unit.

Link to 15 (UK) PSYOPS Group, tri service website.


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