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The Edge joins Muse at Glasto

'Where The Streets Have No Name' was comprehensively nailed!

Glastonbury wasn’t completely U2-less with The Edge joining Muse on Saturday night for a surprise run through of ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’.

Afterwards, the guitarist told the BBC: “They were gracious enough to honour me with an invitation to play – I thought about it for a good three minutes and said, ‘Yes!’ because they’re a rockin’ band. We had them play with us on the last tour for a few shows and they are without doubt the power trio of their generation. We didn’t need to rehearse – from the first note they were really on it."

As for whether Bono will be recovered in time for Turin on August 6, The Edge added: “He’s okay. He’s disappointed but he’s concentrating on rehab and getting fit for the shows that we are committed to doing. It’s going to be a race to get fit for the opening show in Turin, but I’m sure he’ll do it.”

Meanwhile, Michael Eavis is confident that The Edge will be back at Worthy Farm in the future with his normal bandmates.

“He enjoyed the experience and he's had a taste of playing now so I'm sure the band are really keen to do it when it suits them,” the Glasto head honcho says.

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The band that are trying to make prog-rock (and Queen) cool again returned to Dublin and played a storming set at The O2

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