Mirror and Record to give away Prince album

The Daily Mirror and its Scottish stablemate, the Daily Record, are to give away the new Prince album, 20TEN.

More than 2.5m copies of the free CD will be distributed with the
papers on Saturday 10 July.

It follows the success of Prince's last newspaper album giveaway, with the Mail on Sunday, in July 2007.

The album deal is part of a multimedia collaboration with the singer that will see the Mirror and Record run a series of Prince-themed features. It includes his first British newspaper interview in more than 10 years and ticket giveaways to his European concerts.

Kiran Sharma, Prince's representative and producer of his live shows, said: "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World in 1995 was Prince's first number one selling single as a completely free artist.

"Fifteen years on, Prince is demonstrating that in 2010 it is still
possible for artists to work in an independent and innovative capacity,
highlighted here in a world first of delivering the new album across
multiple territories, through complementary distribution channels.

"The new album, 20TEN, is a celebratory, quintessential Prince masterpiece and marks the start of the international tour."

Mirror editor Richard Wallace said: "We're proud that Prince has chosen the Daily Mirror and Daily Record as the best way to get his new album to his legions of fans in the UK."

It also happens to coincide, more or less, with the planned price cut by one of the Mirror's red-top rivals, the Daily Star, which is due to be reduced to 10p from the beginning of next month.

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  • ScroogeYou ScroogeYou

    29 Jun 2010, 3:07PM

    Perhaps Sly can give the 200 facing the axe from MGN a free copy - looks like they've paid with it with their jobs anyway..

    So this is the way to boost sales - fine if you do it every day. Another example of milking the sacred cow that is the Mirror until it bleeds.

    Sign o' the Times? Ms Bailey's still getting her Diamonds and Pearls.

  • z80hastings z80hastings

    29 Jun 2010, 6:14PM

    In response to artoffiction comment; it did have some type of UK physical release; I bought a copy from HMV in Woking (and saw it in on sale in Zavvi in Hastings too).

  • nethlyn nethlyn

    29 Jun 2010, 6:42PM

    z80hastings - that's cool for the hardcore fans that want a plastic case just like the Radiohead release of 2007. I'm perfectly happy with a cardboard sleeve and HMV will most likely just stock the paper like they did last time with the Mail on Sunday, so that they don't miss out on the initial rush.

    It's a good idea, just like the Tesco voucher offer on the new Faithless album that equates to £1.50 off whatever it cost, whatever helps to sell an original CD is good - I'd rather rip them myself than directly download.

  • Weaves Weaves

    30 Jun 2010, 10:41AM

    TMBGITW was released in 1994 as a single but wasn't released on the album by Warner Brothers until 1995. I still listen to the last giveaway, Planet Earth quite alot and perhaps was one of his stronger albums in recent years. Regarding the triple MPLSound/Lotusflower album., it was an US release only but was available as an import in many countries including the UK.

  • artoffiction artoffiction

    30 Jun 2010, 11:36AM

    Thanks for clarifying Weaves - z80hastings must have had the benefit of some enlightened store manager. I got mine off an ebay seller who was identifying a gap in the market!

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