Electric taxis and battery switch coming to Tokyo
TUESDAY, 08 SEP 2009

With funding from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Natrual Resources and Energy Agency, Better Place is partnering with Tokyo’s largest taxi operator, Nihon Kotsu, to bring the world’s first electric taxis with switchable batteries to Japan. The pilot project will showcase Better Place’s complete electric vehicle solution, including a battery switch station in the Roppongi Hills area of Central Tokyo, and is slated to begin in January 2010.

Why taxis? Although taxis represent only two percent of Japanese passenger vehicles, they account for approximately 20 percent of passenger vehicle carbon dioxide emissions due to the long distances they travel each day. Moreover, taxis provide a heavy-use, real-world application that will be an excellent test of the Better Place solution.

Tokyo has approximately 60,000 taxis, far more than New York, Paris, or Hong Kong, and thus, success with this project could point to opportunities in other urban centers and will bring Better Place one step closer to delivering a cleaner, sustainable transportation solution to drivers worldwide.

Other News

Better Place unveils first automated battery switch technology
MONDAY, 11 MAY 2009

The Better Place automated battery switch replaces a depleted EV battery with a fully charged one in just a few minutes, allowing consumers to drive their EVs on long distance trips without actually recharging en route. The process is quicker, cleaner and easier than filling a gas tank, and doesn’t require the driver to leave the vehicle.

The exhibit also features battery recharging via Better Place stationary charge spots. Better Place charge spots, already widely deployed in Israel, will make it easy for Better Place customers as well as other EV owners to charge up wherever they park, and wake up to a fully charged car every morning. The charge spots in Yokohama are powered by renewable energy, courtesy of Sharp Corporation’s photovoltaic solar panels. Better Place services, using renewable energy, will ultimately enable a zero emissions, energy independent future for personal transportation in countries around the world.

Better Place, the only foreign company invited to participate alongside Japanese carmakers, is honored to welcome interested industry, academic, government, and other guests through June 20. For more information on the Better Place solution and battery switch technology, click here.

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