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Apeiron: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science

R.J. Hankinson

Luis A. Salas

The University of Texas at Austin
APEIRON: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science
Department of Philosophy
1 University Station (C3500)
Austin, TX 78712
Phone: (512) 471-4857
Fax: (512) 471-4806

Richard Bett (Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University)
Richard Bosley (Philosophy, University of Alberta)
Patricia Curd (Philosophy, Purdue University)
Lesley Dean-Jones (Classics, University of Texas at Austin)
Michael Ferejohn (Philosophy, Duke University)
Jyl Gentzler (Philosophy, Amherst College)
Daniel Graham (Philosophy, Brigham Young University)
Brad Inwood (Classics, University of Toronto)
David Konstan (Classics, Brown University)
Mohan Matthen (Philosophy, University of British Columbia)
Richard McKirahan (Classics and Philosophy, Pomona College)
Mark McPherran (Philosophy, University of Maine at Farmington)
Deborah Modrak (Philosophy, University of Rochester)
Alexander Mourelatos (Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin)
Ian Mueller (Philosophy, University of Chicago)
Naomi! Reshotko (Philosophy, University of Denver)
Janet Sisson (Philosophy, University of Calgary)
Nicholas Smith (Philosophy, Lewis and Clark College)
Martin Tweedale (Philosophy, University of Alberta)
Michael White (Philosophy, Arizona State University)
Stephen White (Classics, University of Texas at Austin)
Paul Woodruff (Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin)


Peter Bicknell (Classics, Monash University)
Robert Hall (Philosophy, University of Vermont)
John King-Farlow (Philosophy, University of Alberta)
David Rankin (Classics, University of Southampton)
Roger Shiner (Philosophy, Okanagan University College)

Information on Manuscript Submission

APEIRON publishes high-quality research papers in the area of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and science. The journal is interdisciplinary; submissions are expected to meet appropriate standards both of classical scholarship and of philosophical insight. APEIRON welcomes submissions in any aspect of ancient philosophy and science up to the end of the classical period, roughly the seventh century CE.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in PDF format to the editorial office at apeiron@austin.utexas.edu. All manuscripts should be double-spaced, including all quotations and notes, which should be numbered consecutively and included on separate pages at the end of the paper. Submissions should include contact information for their authors. Comments on submissions will be returned electronically, unless otherwise requested.

All submissions should be prepared for blind review, which means that no internal references, bibliographic information, or acknowledgements that could be used to identify the author should appear in the paper, bibliography, or notes. Where such information would appear, authors are encouraged to include lacunae such as "[reference omitted for blind review]". Manuscripts that do not conform to this requirement may be returned to the authors for correction. Submission of a paper to APEIRON will be taken to imply that the paper is not under editorial consideration elsewhere.

Subscription Information

APEIRON: A Journal of Ancient Philosophy and Science ISSN: 0003-6390 Four issues per volume/year.
The agency commission is $5.00 per volume.
Subscription prices as of 2008:
Institutions: Cdn$114 (Canadian); US$127 (U.S.A.); Cdn$162/US$143/£73/ 110 (World)
Individuals: Cdn$61 (Canadian); US$69 (U.S.A.); Cdn$88/US$82/£41/ 61 (World)

All business correspondence, subscription requests, and requests for sample copies should be sent to the publisher:

9-3151 Lakeshore Road, Suite 403
Kelowna, B.C.
Canada V1W 3S7
Phone: (250) 764-6427
Fax: (250) 764-6428
E-mail: app@silk.net

Please send suggestions, comments, and inquiries to Luis Salas at apeiron@austin.utexas.edu.

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