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For the purpose of establishing a high-quality professional arbitrator team, the Commission initiated the plan on the System of Attributor Training and Assessment from the beginning of 2004. The system was initially established to carry out the training on attributor’s operation for the Commission’s attributors and the figures that are involved in other professional fields and show interest in arbitration system through entrusting those colleges of higher learning and research institutes with deep theoretical research capacity and occupational training experiences so to improve the attributor’s understanding in arbitration concepts and enhance the arbitration practice level as well as provide other professionals aspiring to engage in or participate in the arbitration work with an effective approach to make knowledge of attribution.

On August 25, 2004, the Commission officially passed the Resolution on Strengthening the Arbitrator Training and Assessment. In this resolution two major principles were determined, i.e. giving priority to the figures passing training and assessment in arbitrator employment and giving priority to appointment of trained and assessed arbitrator in handling cases”. After the resolution was passed, the arbitration training system came into effect officially. In January 2005, through carefully analysis and study at early stage, the Commission came into a cooperation agreement with School of Law, TSINGHUA University to duly entrust School of Law as the training institution specifically responsible for planning and operating the project of arbitrator training. As of July 2005, the training institution totally organized two sessions of arbitrator training courses, covering over 70 participants.

The trainees participating in training courses put a premium on the training courses focusing on not only theoretical explanation but also practical operations. Many arbitrators who have participated in the training courses claimed that the participation in arbitration practice after training really improved the understanding on particular issues and the level of advancing procedure. Presently more than 70 trainees who have participated in the training and passed the assessment are granted with assessment qualification certificate by the training institution. The operation of arbitration training project met with success primarily.