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Alesana has always focused a great deal of their attention on having an energetic and memorable live show, and the 2010 sees the band expand on the raw, honest intensity of their on stage performances more than ever. Full Bio

  • Alesana on Myspace: http://Myspace.com/Alesana
    5/18/2010 12:14:00 PM
  • Alesana on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/Alesana
    5/18/2010 12:14:00 PM
  • Alesana on Twitter: @Alesana OR http://Twitter.com/Alesana
    5/18/2010 12:14:00 PM
  • @Alesana Would you be willing to let us have the username 'Alesana?' It would really mean a lot to us. Thanks!
    5/17/2010 5:50:00 PM
  • Download peta2's Free For All Mixtape and get 15 track for FREE including our song, 'The Thespian.' http://bit.ly/a4S2pp
    5/3/2010 4:37:00 PM
  • Everyone in the UK, follow our friends @MerchForLife in time for their giveaway tomorrow to win exclusive merch!
    4/28/2010 3:41:00 PM
  • alesanaofficial: Warped Tour tickets on sale now! - Warped Tour tickets on sale now!From www.alesanaofficial.com http://ow.ly/178rWY
    4/21/2010 5:42:00 PM
  • Our music video for The Thespian is now available on iTunes! Go download it...it'll scare the hell out of you! http://bit.ly/thespian_itunes
    4/21/2010 2:30:00 PM
  • Shawn did an exclusive interview with myYearbook.com! Check it out: http://bit.ly/aS8Gmi
    4/19/2010 10:14:00 AM
  • Shawn did an interview with FEARnet to talk about the concept of The Emptiness. Check it out: http://bit.ly/fearNET
    4/13/2010 5:19:00 PM

Dates Playing

06/25/10Carson, CA 463
06/26/10Mountain View, CA 390
06/27/10Ventura, CA 322
06/29/10Phoenix, AZ 345
06/30/10Las Cruces, NM 217
07/01/10San Antonio, TX 284
07/02/10Houston, TX 393
07/03/10Dallas, TX 528
07/05/10St.Louis, MO 332
07/06/10Indianapolis, IN 310
07/07/10Burgettstown, PA 353
07/08/10Cleveland, OH 341
07/09/10Toronto, ON 237
07/10/10Montreal, QC 192
07/11/10Hartford, CT 245
07/13/10Mansfield, MA 501
07/14/10Darien Center, NY 292
07/15/10Scranton, PA 254
07/16/10Camden, NJ 257
07/17/10Uniondale, NY 317
07/18/10Oceanport, NJ 216
07/20/10Columbia, MD 289
07/21/10Virginia Beach, VA 278
07/22/10Charlotte, NC 445
07/23/10St. Petersburg, FL 249
07/24/10West Palm Beach, FL 312
07/25/10Orlando, FL 348
07/26/10Atlanta, GA 426
07/28/10Cincinnati, OH 336
07/29/10Milwaukee, WI 230
07/30/10Detroit, MI 333
07/31/10Tinley Park, IL 446
08/01/10Shakopee, MN 289
08/02/10Bonner Springs, KS 190
08/05/10Edmonton, AB 167
08/07/10Salt Lake City, UT 130
08/08/10Denver, CO 260
08/10/10San Diego, CA 327
08/11/10Pomona, CA 269
08/12/10Marysville, CA 190
08/13/10Nampa, ID 78
08/14/10George, WA 258
08/15/10Hillsboro, OR 233



at 10:06 PM June 23, 2010
August 5th!!!
at 5:06 PM June 22, 2010
Mountain view the 25th. So excited. You're my most favorite banddd everrr. <3
at 8:51 PM June 21, 2010
july 1st. you guys are freaking amazing;D
at 4:36 PM June 16, 2010
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email icare@musicsaveslives.com with any other questions

See you this summer,
"Saving Lives Never Sounded So Good"
kbomb001 wrote
at 9:36 AM June 13, 2010
please play "Stories Without endings" and "the thespian" @ the maryland stop!
at 3:45 PM June 12, 2010
saw you guys 2/13 in Philly... LOVED IT! can't wait to see you again!
at 11:19 PM June 10, 2010
Can't wait to see you guys 6/26/10 laughDD