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Jon den Herder
Jon den Herder
... in deepest recognition

Our friend Jon has passed on because of a brain tumor. A recent Talk of the Town radio program addressed Jon, his values, his cause. To listen, click here.
To visit a web page with a video tribute by Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness, click here.
To view a broadband video greeting to Jon while he was in hospice care, from Peacemaker friends, click here.

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news(updated 3/5/07 )

Phil Beal - Worship is Hard (pdf file)
Peacemakers/Sojourners Sentinel Ad (pdf file)

We wish to highlight the following events:
  • Peace Writings, a new web site for persons opposed to the war in Iraq. Written by Philip E. Beal, the site has a discussion guide that includes action ideas, topics and questions for discussion, a worship service of confession and repentance, and a list of on-line resources for further information. The Peace Writings include a compilation of Phil's writings over the years on issues of peace with justice, and incorporate statements on the war by other writers.

  • Larissa Mariano of Hope College has created three public service radio spots for Holland Peacemakers. You may listen to each by clicking on these links -- spot1, spot2, spot3.

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the peace pole
The Peace Pole was dedicated on Thursday, Sept. 21, the International Day of Peace, at 7 p.m.
Holland City Council decided to replace the 20 year old pole in Smallenburg Park with the new peace pole. The new pole has the message
"May peace prevail on Earth " written in 16 languages and is much larger.
See more info and pictures of the Peace Pole and dedication.
Donations to help with installation of the pole may be sent to
Holland Peacemakers, PO Box 3272, Holland, MI 49422

Radio Show on WHTC 1450AM-- Third Wednesday of the month 9:30 am

TV Show on Holland's Public Access Station - MacTV --See Calender for times.

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Donations can be made to Holland Peacemakers and sent to our address:
Holland Peacemakers
PO Box 3272
Holland, MI 49422-3272.