Clean Energy and Modern Infrastructure Pillars of Future Growth

In 2009, PPI launched the E3 Initiative a coalition of businesses working to develop and drive new policy frameworks to build a clean economy. With the E3 Initiative, PPI started from the premise that, especially in matters of energy and environment, the best policy options will often be developed in partnership with the business community.

The E3 Initiative includes representatives from large entities such as Pepco Energy Services, Lockheed Martin, SRA, and Hogan & Hartson, as well as small and mid-size businesses such efficiency firms Opower and Earth Aid, alternative energy company Solazyme, venture fund/incubator Virgance, and consulting firms Pure Strategies, David Gardiner & Associates, Environmental Security International, and Tech Vision 21. The E3 Initiative is also working with the Clean Economy Network, an industry coalition with dozens of partners, to provide members with a policy development outlet.

Currently, E3s participants are collaborating on three efforts: the Rebuild America Task Force, which is working on infrastructure policy, with a special focus on high-speed rail; the Efficiency Working Group, which is developing proposals for increasing efficiency in the U.S., particularly in the commercial building sector; and the National Security Working Group, which is working on the intersection of clean energy and hard power concerns such as mission effectiveness within the Pentagon. Each group is developing proposals and white papers that will be distributed in the coming months.

As one example of E3s work so far, a few days in advance of the administrations announcement of $8 billion in high-speed rail funds in January 2010, the Rebuild America Task Force published Fast Track to the Future by rail expert Mark Reutter, an influential report detailing a bold new approach that was cited in newspapers, blog coverage, and broadcast media around the country, including Time Magazine and NPR.

The project is chaired by PPI Senior Fellow Mike Signer, Ph.D., a lawyer in private practice in Virginia, author, Virginia Tech professor, and former candidate for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.


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