Keynsham TownFootball Club

About Keynsham Town

Keynsham Town were founded in 1895. They have played continuously apart from a break during World War II and moved to their current ground, the Crown Field, in 1945.

They first played in the Bristol & District League and progressed through the Bristol Combination, Bristol Premier and Somerset Senior League and won the Somerset Senior Cup in 1951-52 and 1957-58.

Keynsham town juniors

The Club was founded in 1985 by Mike Sheppard to provide for the boys who had participated in the Wansdyke Cubs League and wished to continue their football careers. When the Club formed was known as Keynsham Boys but changed their name to Keynsham Town Juniors in 1987 when accepted by the Senior Club as a junior section.

Our Facilities

Keynsham Town football club has three main facilities. Its pitch, the clubhouse and our junior pitches, behind the main club pitches.

You can rent our pitches and clubhouse or come and enjoy our catering and clubhouse facilities during match days or fund raising events.

If you’re interested in joining the club, please contact us

The club

Hire the club

You can arrange to hire our clubhouse or pitch for your event or function. Our clubhouse hire includes as staffed bar, use our the function room as you wish and brand how you choose.

If you’re interested in renting our facilities contact us

500 Club

The 500 club is a lottery that raises funds for the club, but also pays out monthly prizes to its members. Furthermore, once every twelve months it pays out a ‘grand prize’ to members from the funds that are raise.

If you’re interested in joining the 500 club contact us