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“Big in Japan” is a brand new one-man show type thing by world-class entertainer, Dave Hill. It is a true story of hope, beauty, and one man’s undying will to rock the f@# out of people. That one man is Dave Hill (mentioned earlier) and over the course of his allotted time slot, Dave will finally speak publicly about what it’s like to be a gigantic celebrity in Japan, a country where he is pretty much like Princess Diana or something. If you don’t like shows that feature tales of addiction, lots of full-on guitar shredding, a return to innocence, and also lots of hardcore banging, you should probably not come to this show. If you do like all that stuff though, you will no doubt enjoy this show on at least four different levels. For more information, please visit Dave’s Japanese website right here: http://davehillonline.com/japan.html

Written and performed by Dave Hill
Directed by Jeff Tomsic
Assistant directed by Nicole Brodeur