ABC News 24 hype reel unveiled

The ABC has unveiled a glossy promo trailer to promote the imminent launch of round-the-clock TV news station ABC News 24.

Although the national broadcaster has so far only said that it will launch the channel in mid-year, speculation has intensified that the initial date was pushed back because of technical issues exposed during the ABC’s covergae of the fast-moving story of the change of leadership from Kevin Rudd to Julia Gillard.

July 14 – next Wednesday – is among the dates currently being speculated about. A key deadline will be having it on air in time for the Federal election.

As well as on YouTube, the trailer is already playing on the ABC’s HD channel – where ABC News 24 will sit -  in several parts of the country.


  1. frank
    8 Jul 10
    1:55 pm

  2. just like their news, the repetition of this promo is nauseating..

  3. Ryan
    8 Jul 10
    2:14 pm

  4. ABC News is not nauseating….. But this promo certainly is……If they are attempting to damage the stattions image… they have succeeded. 2 words sum up this promo: repeditive s$^t

  5. Stephen
    8 Jul 10
    2:29 pm

  6. Good god, if they can’t make a 3 minute hype tape interesting, what chance have they got 24/7.

  7. Adam Paull
    8 Jul 10
    2:38 pm

  8. yes, yes… all very interesting… But do we really need to lose the ABC HD channel for it?

    The current on-air promo says they are “moving ABC HD to make way” – does this mean ABC HD is still being broadcast but on a different channel, or is it being shelved so we can have pixelly, internet-ripped news footage shown in sparkling High Definition?

    Can’t they just use one of their half-dozen SD children’s channels?

  9. Nathan Maguire
    8 Jul 10
    3:35 pm

  10. Fantastic, its well time that we started taking a more serious approach to media generally and raising the bar that has traditionally been set very low in Australia. I truly hope this channel will deliver a broader and more international approach to the world, something that is lacking in Australian journalism and holds much of our media back from having international and export appeal. With the ABC’s current digital offering this can only push things forward.

    Well done ABC, will be watching closely.

  11. Stewart Malik
    8 Jul 10
    4:39 pm

  12. I quite agree with Nathan, we have all been watching too much drivel on other channels. I watched, “A Current Affair” the other week (for once) and they had three segments. One was about the worst neighbours, the next was about womans bra sizes and the last was something todo with politics. Only one segment in their half hour had anything todo with news.

    I congratulate ABC on bringing us this new channel.

  13. Jared
    8 Jul 10
    6:50 pm

  14. if the promo is any hint. Australia will finally have a superior news channel:)…move over sky news

  15. Donny
    8 Jul 10
    11:36 pm

  16. I am in W.A – This promo just keeps looping on abc1, sometimes for an entire hour during normal broadcasting. What’s going on ?!

  17. Rob
    9 Jul 10
    10:47 am

  18. I’m excited by the prospect and I certainly won’t be judging a new channel on a promo, I’ll be judging them on reputation and the ABC have a great reputation in NEWS far better than some others that focus on newstainment rather than stories that matter, not only from our state or (if your lucky) country but the world. I think they will be miles ahead of sky news who are the st vinnies store of News services recycling others bits and bobs and only knitting the odd thing together themselves. Bravo! ABC (no offence intended to Arena)…

  19. Gee Dee
    9 Jul 10
    3:50 pm

  20. Hey guys, the news from within the ABC is that the launch date is now Thursday, July 22nd. Remember, you heard it first here. Mind you, whether or not that happens depends very much on a resolution of some of the embarrassing technical issues that have dogged the ABC in recent times. Mark Scott and his team are desperate to have News 24 up and running during the federal election campaign. If it’s not, there’ll be a lot of questions to answer at board level. Now that a date has been set, there’s still widespread skepticism within the organisation that ABC News can deliver. There’s a few seasoned presenters but maybe not enough for a 24 operation. One big worry is that senior producers working with some of the ingenues that have been hired are aghast at their lack of basic experience. Live television is fraught with pitfalls. So it’s a brave person indeed who’ll wager that the launch will be trouble free.

  21. dcgdcg rob
    9 Jul 10
    8:31 pm

  22. cant wait

  23. benjamin netanyahu the devil
    9 Jul 10
    8:34 pm

  24. while seven news and nine news talk about dogs stuck on treesfinally there will be a real news channel that delivers important news for once. i thought sbs will be the first ones to do this but abc has come first.

  25. Trevor
    10 Jul 10
    8:53 pm

  26. It sounds like ABC News 24 is going to take over ABC HD. I might watch the news in the morning for 30mins & the evening news broadcast for 30mins, thats one hour & the rest of our favourite shows in standard definition TV. Isn’t that just great, why did I bother buying a HD TV??? Not to watch the News all day in HD. Surely the ABC will have ABC News 24 & ABC HD for all our favourite programs, I mean they couldn’t be that darft could they.

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