Executive Summary · Summer 2006 · Volume 8
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Higher Accuracy, Faster Turnaround, Lower Cost, and More Focus on Research Findings

E-TabsIn January, DSS acquired a license for E-Tabs Enterprise, an award winning software solution out of the U.K. that completely automates report generation. It takes data directly from crosstabs and populates charts, tables and summary reports. It makes sense for any project with repetitive elements, tracking or other ongoing studies (e.g., member satisfaction, patient satisfaction, etc.), one-off multi-segment studies across brands or regions, concept testing studies and any similar projects.

E-Tabs Enterprise eliminates time and resources wasted on data entry and helps us focus on the implications of the research findings for your organization. Perhaps more importantly, E-Tabs eliminates errors associated with transferring data from source platforms to PowerPoint.

Six months after purchasing e-tabs, we are well down the learning curve. We have all of our analysts trained on how to use this powerful new tool and are delivering the benefits to clients in the form of higher accuracy, faster turnaround, lower cost, and more time to assess the implications of the research.

DSS is an early adopter of this technology along with a small number of other research firms.

Exciting New Changes at DSS

In April, DSS moved its call center to a new location. The new location has enabled us to grow from a 60 seat phone center to a 100 seat phone center and still growing. All of the computers throughout the center were upgraded to run with Windows 2000. The monitoring stations are now located at the top of each bay of 10 interviewers, giving the monitors more control and interaction with the interviewers. A digital recording system is now in place so we can send completed surveys on Wave files to clients, instead of tapes.

Our phone systems were also upgraded to a VoIP (Voice over IP) system that gives us many new features. We now have single click dialing which means the interviewer just clicks a button on their computer and the number is automatically dialed for them, reducing the chance for misdialed numbers. The interview never needs to touch the phone. Our system does all the dialing and hanging up for them.

These are only a few of the many features we now have at the new call center.

Should You Use Statistical Testing of Differences or Not?

We have more discussions with clients about statistical significance than we do about any other research concept. Some clients want to place too much importance on statistical significance, others too little.

The basic motivation behind statistical testing is our desire to make statistical inferences about differences in results over time, between different subgroups and the like.

View this free whitepaper.

Can You Read Your Crosstabulations?

Crosstabulations represent a simple to understand yet powerful analytical tool. Many marketing research studies, possibly most, go no further than crosstabulations in terms of analysis. The idea is to look at the responses to one question in relation to the responses to one or more other questions.

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DSS on the Road

Conference BrochureIn June, representatives from DSS attended the Senior Market Strategies conference in Baltimore, MD. The conference was put on by the Institute for International Research (IIR) This is our third year of attending this show. This is one of the only conferences in the country that focuses solely on developing, marketing and selling senior products. Over 100 health plan executives from across the country come together to discuss what strategies have worked and which ones have not over the last year as well as what issues are on the horizon.

DSS Survey Finds Despite Negative Press Surrounding Part D, Seniors Are Happy With Coverage

DSS announced the findings of the latest wave of its quarterly, national SeniorTrax® survey. The fourth wave, completed in mid-April, concluded that notwithstanding negative press, enrollees are satisfied with their Part D coverage. CMS says that 38.2 million eligibles, or 90% of the total eligible population, had enrolled by May 15th.

"Despite the continual drumbeat of negative press around Part D, our survey shows that seniors are by and large satisfied with their Part D coverage."

– Roger Gates
President and CEO of DSS Research

Check out our June study of seniors.

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Client Comments

"E-Tabs software increases the efficiency and accuracy of marketing research reports with repetitive elements
(i.e. ongoing tracking or one-off multi-segment studies) by eliminating the need for manual data entry. This allows DSS to deliver your reports on a faster timeline and gives you peace of mind that the data are correct."

Michelle Dodd
Director of Client Services,
DSS Research

"It is a great product.
It makes automating reports so much better. I haven't found anything it won't do. Since it eliminates one step from our old process (the Excel file linking), it speeds up the process and reduces the chance for error.
I love it."

Krista White
Senior Analyst,
DSS Research

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