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Blade Magazine - 2010 Blade Show Largest Ever    
2010 Blade Show Largest Ever
June 14, 2010
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The 29th Annual Blade Show, the largest in history, was quite possibly also the most successful BLADE Show for all involved. It took place in the Cobb Galleria Center of Atlanta, Georgia, June 4-6, 2010. Nine hundred exhibitors displayed their edged wares, including 175 booth holders and 725 tables. Every major knife manufacturer in the world, and the planet’s greatest custom knifemakers, collectors, dealers and purveyors took their places on the show floor.

The Knifemakers’ Guild was well represented, holding its annual Board Of Director’s Meeting first thing Friday morning, as well as the American Bladesmith Society, which hosted an invitation-only banquet at 7 p.m. that same evening.

The excitement over the weekend’s seminars was unparalleled. Taking place during the show, attendees enjoyed seminars on blade grinding, knife throwing, bladesmithing for kids, forging, Japanese sword cutting, sword fighting techniques, and renaissance sword fencing.

Victorinox representatives Mike Smith and Rob Baldwin set up a Build-A-Knife machine on Saturday and Sunday, enabling show attendees, including children, to build their own Swiss Army Knives. Knifemaker Murray Carter used a machete that he built and sharpened to successfully shave a friend’s head, then auctioned off a similar machete, with proceeds going to raise money for alopecia areata, a rare hair-loss disease suffered by adults and children.

New Hampshire Representative Jenn Coffey, who successfully lobbied to repeal antiquated blade regulations in her state, gave a seminar on How To Repeal Your State’s Anti-Knife Laws at 2:15 p.m on Saturday, June 5, and was the keynote speaker at the Blade Show Banquet that evening.

Meanwhile an unprecedented number of knives, swords, tomahawks, daggers, dirks, bowies, pocketknives, hunters, tactical folders and fixed blades were viewed, bought, sold and traded. The Blade Show proved once again that it is the place to be for knife enthusiasts.

2010 BLADE Show Industry Achievement Award – J.W. Denton

2010 BLADE Show Publisher’s Award – Entire knife industry for defeating attempts by federal government to ban assisted openers, accepted by attorney/advocate Evan Nappen

Knife of the Year Awards

Overall Knife Of The Year: Chris Reeve Knives Ti-Lock

American Made Knife Of The Year: Kershaw Tilt

Imported Knife Of The Year: Columbia River Knife & Tool Ken Onion Eros

Most Innovative American Design: Spyderco Manix 2 Translucent Blue

Most Innovative Imported Design: Lion Steel Italy SR-1

Kitchen Knife Of The Year: Kershaw Shun Premier

Collaboration Of The Year: Spartan Blades Bill Harsey Model 1 Limited Edition

Accessory Of The Year: A.G. Russell Steel Thumbnail

Manufacturing Quality Award: Chris Reeve Knives

Investor/Collector Knife Of The Year: Pro-Tech Ultimate Don

Best Buy Of The Year: Stone River Gear Ceramics Folding Knife with Titanium Handle

Custom Knife Awards

Best Fighter: Kunihiko Tamatsu

Best Sword: Vince Evans

Best Miniature: Yoshio Sakauchi

Best New Maker: Tad Lynch

Best Damascus: John White

Best Folder: R.J. Martin

Best Fixed Blade: Steven Rapp

Best Bowie: John Horrigan

Best Hunter: Mike Williams

Best Knife Collaboration: Tom Overeynder and Brian Hochstrat

Most Innovative Design: Brian Tighe with Glenn Klecker

Best Handle Design: Jody Muller

Best Art Knife: Shaun and Sharla Hansen

Best Of The Rest: Todd Begg

Best Of The Show: Shaun and Sharla Hansen

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