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Dr. Vijay Kelkar   
Vijay L. Kelkar

Advisor to Minister of Finance

Government of India, North Block, New Delhi

Tel: 23092947 Fax: 23092145 Email: vkelkar@finance.nic.in

Ph.D, University of California at Berkeley, USA, 1970

- prior to the current assignment, he was Executive Director, International Monetary Fund, USA from 1999-2002; Previously, he served Government of India in various capacities as under:

To Capacity
1973-1977 Consultant, Planning Commission, Government of India
1977-1981 Economic Advisor, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India
1981-1982 Consultant, Office of Secretary General, UNCTAD, Geneva
1982-1987 Advisor, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt of India
1987-1991 Chairman, Bureau of Industrial Costs & Prices, New Delhi
1991-1994 Director & Coordinator, International Trade Division, UNCTAD, Geneva
1994-1997 Secretary (Petroleum), Government of India
1997-1998 Chairman, Tariff Commission, Government of India
1998-1999 Finance Secretary, Government of India
Dr. Kelkar is married with one daughter.