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  • About the SANFL
  • History of the SANFL
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  • About the SANFL

    Who We Are

    The SANFL (South Australian National Football League) is the premier League and governing body for Australian Rules Football in South Australia.

    The SANFL grows and promotes football throughout South Australia from indigenous communities, school and club footy right through to League level.

    We are the custodians for footy in South Australia and as such, we are the organisation that works in the best interests of football to realise its full potential at all levels.

    It is a significant responsibility, as football is an industry that generates half a billion dollars to the state's economy annually and employs 1500 people - and it's a game that is played and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands more.

    The SANFL's key objective is to build and protect the long-term future of the game at all levels - the nine SANFL clubs, the Adelaide and Port Adelaide Football Clubs and the game at community level throughout South Australia.

    SA Football Commission

    The SA Football Commission manages and controls the affairs of the League, including its major financial investments and the appointment of committees.

    It comprises seven non-executive members and the CEO. SA Football Commissioners are appointed for a three-year term by the ten League directors. The League directors comprise nine club representatives and a Community Football representative. 

    Currently, the SA Football Commissioners are Leigh Whicker (also the SANFL chief executive), Rod Payze (Commission president), Jamie Coppins (vice-president), Phil Gallagher, David Shipway, Dion McCaffrie and John Olsen. A new Commissioner will be appointed shortly to fill a position vacated by the recent resignation of Brian Cunningham.

    SANFL Benchmarking Document

    Click here to view

    Junior Football Review

    In December 2008 an independent taskforce was assembled to conduct a review of junior football across all levels in South Australia with the view to making recommendations to maximise the level of effectiveness of communications and operations between the key stakeholders within junior football in South Australia.
    The taskforce consisted of John Halbert (Chairman), Jeff Dry and Michael Schetter; with administrative support from David Hutton (General Manager – SANFL Game Development)
    The review commenced in early 2009 involving extensive consultation with representatives from the key stakeholders throughout junior football in SA, as well as an online public survey.
    The attached report was then developed and presented to the SA Football Commission for their consideration during February/March 2010.
    Given the significance of the report and the large number of recommendations, it was obvious that further work would be required to prioritise these recommendations and assess the viability of each.
    As a result, an Implementation Committee has been established.
    This committee comprises:

    John Halbert (Independent Chairman)

    David Hutton (General Manager - SANFL Game Development)

    David Shipway (SANFL Commissioner and Community Football Board Chairman)

    Glen Rosser (General Manager – SANFL Community Football)

    Darren Chandler (Chief Officer – SANFL Football & Corporate Operations)

    Dion McCaffrie (SANFL Commissioner – Game Development)
    From late March 2010, the committee has been engaging in meetings with key stakeholders to work through the recommendations and assessing viability and implementation plans.
    It is important to note that while some recommendations are already underway or simple to adopt, others will take some time and require further consideration and consultation with appropriate stakeholders. In fact some recommendations may not eventuate, depending on viability and/or resource availability.
    We thank all of the stakeholders and people who have assisted in this significant review of junior football in South Australia, and recognise the importance of working together as we consider these recommendations.

    As the report states in the executive summary; our recommendations highlight ways in which the structure of the game at this level can be improved, so that all who want to play can do so, and that it will be such a positive experience that they will be “hooked” for life on the greatest team game in the world.

    Click here to view the Junior Football Review. (3Mb)

    South Australian Football Structure

    South Australian Football Structure