FlashGet 3.4 sucks!

I was a really a big fan (emphasis on ‘was’) of FlashGet. I mean, come on, this little guy has everything — download management, acceleration, scheduling, BitTorrent, and even eMule! Even more — it easily integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer by installing a little-addon which also works seamlessly with FlashGot.

Until it updated today to 3.4…

I mean, take a look at this screenshot:

A Screenshot of Flashget 3.4

A Screenshot of Flashget 3.4

What do you see? RIGHT. The one thing everybody hates about absolutely anything on the internet. The new FlashGot screen (though I gotta admit, the new silver-theme is smexy) is riddled with ads. Chinese Ads. Not only that. A Flash-like ad also appears ocassionally on your desktop, that’s right, outside the FlashGet screen.

I personally think this is waaay too much. This is overkill. And did I forget to mention that it also places a couple of Chinese URL links on your desktop?

Meh, I think I’ll try Free Download Manager or Orbit now.

UPDATE: Wow, apparently, FlashGet 3.4 isn’t even downloadable from its website yet! This probably means that only the users who already have it installed received the update. Strange enough, when I uninstall, the uninstaller from first to last was in total Chinese.

UPDATE 2: According to commenter Wommaster, the language on FlashGet 3.4 is Chinese, not Japanese. Thanks Wommaster!

UPDATE 3: I’ve written a guide on how to uninstall it completely and remove all traces of it, and then how to downgrade. See it here: http://kixtrix.com/2010/04/07/flashget-followup-uninstalling-and-downgrading-3-4/

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32 Responses to “FlashGet 3.4 sucks!”

  1. Wavatar Wizz says:

    It really does suck, but one thing to notice … flashget site hasn’t put 3.4 as their latest browser makes me wonder, if it is real

  2. Wavatar Kat says:

    My computer updated FlashGet to v3.4 last night…and it sucks. I just removed the whole Flashget program from my computer – had to try and navigate the Japanese instructions though.

  3. Wavatar Wommaster says:

    They’re chinese characters not japanese. Flashget is programmed by chineses

  4. Wavatar asd says:

    i hate the BANNER ADS… going back to FDM… :/

  5. Wavatar ser.koala says:

    RETARDS!!! when I saw that first I was embarassed, it looked like adware. Why did they do this? I hope they will remove this soon.

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  7. Wavatar Mysteriousmax says:

    Same here…Flashget updated itself (!) (despite Zonealarm installed) and now I have all these cute little shortcuts on my desktop – but worst of all: Chinese ad windows keep popping up from my autostart tray.
    That's that for Flashget on my computer…Pity, I used to be happy with it…

  8. Wavatar Supertram says:

    seriously!? Flashget have comes to this? i tot it was somekinda spyware or somthing! wow..

  9. Wavatar bong972 says:

    i myself was surprised when i woke up to v3.4… i thought my computer was virused or something… i didnt even approve the update

  10. Wavatar FrankS says:

    I'm really angry with this, FlashGet used to be the easier torrent downloader for me, now is like a malware a virus, my whole computer crashed with all the add-ons and ads. The worst thing is that I can't go back to an earlier version, it keeps running the dreaded 3.4 version!

  11. Wavatar andres says:

    4 fix the problem you have to erase everithing.. the flashget download folder and unistall the program. Then go back to the flashget website and download the file again. That's because the chinesse informations keeps remain in the download folder. and you have to erase all!!

  12. I hate the new version, it really sucks… is there any posibility to configure Flashget to do not download the update? I had to erase the hole program and download it again… and again, the thing uptated itself to 3.4 :c

  13. Wavatar Alpine says:

    I’m also uninstalling. This used to be a good program, really easy to use with no stupid ad-ons. In-fact I reccommended it to all my friends to use. Now its poor, they have no support for non-chinese speakers, the options and settings are a lot less customizable and the ads wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t pop-up OUTSIDE the flashget window! Tis a shame..

  14. Wavatar Warren says:

    Don't forget, when uninstalling Flashget 3.4 It leaves a lot of junk all over you computer.
    You will have to manually remove several icons and folders as well as clean up your registry. It really leaves a lot of junk all over the place.

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  16. Wavatar tallonius says:

    Downloaded Revo and ran it, but it can't see Flashget 3.4 with it's weird chineses characters, even though Windows 7 uninstall prog can – it only shows Flasget 3.3.

    Any ideas on what to do to Revo to remedy this?

    • You can try to use Revo to uninstall the 3.3 version, even though you have 3.4. It should, theoretically, have the same effect as uninstalling 3.4 itself. Then, if some weird error shows up, let me know, and I'll be glad to help! :)

  17. Wavatar Guess says:

    Is your Google Maps working on Firefox or Chrome after uninstalling this POS 3.4? I uninstall it in the Control Panel but it was in chinese so I try guessing it and it seems to uninstall. Or is it the Google Maps is down?

  18. Well Google Maps is working fine, when I tried again. There must be something wrong on your side.

  19. Wavatar Huy says:

    Hic, I have also faced the trouble. I tried to remove Flashget 3.4 completely as I could but when I reinstalled, the similar situation happened. Huhu.

  20. Wavatar phylem says:

    Look what I've found in wikipedia in its topic about flashget 3.4:
    On April 4, 2010, an update to FlashGet was released known as "FlashGet 3.4" containing adware and other undisclosed and unauthorized Chinese applications[5]. The uninstaller was also converted to Chinese making it difficult for many users to remove the software.
    see? maybe flashget is unaware about this

  21. Wavatar david says:

    have you noticed that you cannot use any of the contact or suppoert information on the flashget site they have obviously SOLD OUT to a new buyer but the character are not all Chinese the actual program 3.4 appears to have been written in haste to get it ou and it does not load properly try changing it to all Chinese and you will see it does not load also you cant even download the 3.3 version as when you do 3.4 takes its place i know you have to make a buck and in truth i dont mind the ads but its usless to have Chinese ads for me i dont speak or read chinese so something is up bit the real giveaway id no contact or support connections on the official site well back to getright its looks better even the trial version and it integrates seemlessly with firefox as well


  22. Wavatar david says:

    hello agai i think you can forget flashgot as well because it appears to have gone too

  23. Wavatar al capone says:

    Fucking stupid FlashGet, this’s a really Nightmare Version, I hear some rumor says they will also selling Chinese Sextoy on their ads in next update, maybe it’s 3.5 version. So, be carefull of that.

  24. Wavatar DAVID says:

    no problem i this gave me the perfect excuse to try free download manager which is way faster than flashget and integrates with internet explorer and firefox without using the also ran flashgot but you need to uninstall flashgot from your firefox which sadly means completely removing firefox and reinstalling but at the moment and i do not know for how long i am running free download manager getright and 3.3 flashget and as yet that pesky 3.4 has not tried to upgrade my 3.3 so if you like flashget then 3.3 is still available but you need to completely remove 3.4 and all associated files or else flashget 3.4 will override 3.3 when you download it see http://kixtrix.com/2010/04/07/flashget-followup-u... to unload 3.4 to be true to flashget i would use it with ads but not Chinese and not any sex toy ads enough is enough but as stated freedownload manager is faster free better and still works seamlessly with browsers and is similar to flashget in the way it puts the little box on the desktop

    after using freedownload manager its a relief to find a better download manager than flashget


  25. Wavatar tallonius says:

    Don't bother going through the tedious uninstall-re-intsall-3.3 routine to back-grade Flashget, just try Orbit – looks similar and has same basic features and the speed seems to be about the same too:

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