My fellow Rhode Islanders,

Today, I announced my campaign for Secretary of State.

There are two things our state desperately needs: jobs, and the trust that our government is working for the common good.

As Secretary of State, I will work tirelessly for those two goals.

The Secretary of State's office is where businesses begin, and new businesses mean new jobs. I know how hard it is to start and run a small business - I have done it. The Secretary of State should be our advocate for small businesses, streamlining the fragmented bureaucracy that makes it difficult to open and manage a business.

I know government can work for the common good, because I saw it in my 20 years in public service on the staff of Senator John Chafee and Senator Lincoln Chafee. I learned that government and the people in it can and must operate honestly and openly. I won’t accept anything less.

That is why I am running for Secretary of State. I’m eagerto get to work for all of us to improve the climate for jobcreation, and bring the working of our government –especially the General Assembly – into the clear light of day.

Please join me in this campaign. I need your support to bring Rhode Island the hard-working, open, and honest government the people of this state deserve.

Catherine Taylor

Announcement Speech Electrifies Convention


Most of you are hearing about me and meeting me for the first time, and there’s a reason for that. So far in my life, I have made my contributions to the world quietly -- raising my four children, serving Rhode Island for 20 years in government, starting a small business, and volunteering in our community.

But over the last 3 ½ years, I have grown more and more outraged as the current Secretary of State missed opportunity after opportunity to help businesses – especially small businesses, like MINE – cut the red tape that interferes with our ability to create jobs.

As he missed opportunity after opportunity to open government to the clear light of day.

As he missed opportunity after opportunity to ensure that voting is fair and that all candidates get an even shake.

We need a Secretary of State who is a forceful advocate for small business, a vigilant monitor of the workings of government, and a trusted guardian of the integrity of the election process.

I realized I needed to step forward to be that Secretary of State. I will bring into the State House the most basic lesson I learned from my 20-year career with Senators John Chafee and Lincoln Chafee: Government and the people in it can and must operate honestly and openly. It’s not just a dream. I know it can be done, I’ve seen it done, and I won’t accept anything less.

As Secretary of State and a forceful advocate for business, I will work to streamline the fragmented bureaucracy that keeps us from getting down to business. >>Read More

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