Paragraph a Week
A Yearly Writing Program

Paragraph a Week is a yearly writing program designed to give your fifth- and sixth-graders practice with writing various types of paragraphs. In addition it reinforces good study habits and preparation of long-term assignments. Moreover, it involves parents in their child's Language Arts curriculum.

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Evaluation Form

Single Paragraph Topics
Multi-paragraph Topics
  1. Returning to School
  2. Autobiography
  3. Labor Day
  4. Favorite Relative
  5. Grandparents' Day
  6. Signs of Fall
  7. Star Spangled Banner
  8. Johnny Appleseed
  9. Halloween Activities
  10. Pumpkin Contest Part 1
  11. Pumpkin Contest Part 2
  12. Winter Holidays
  13. Holiday Memory
  14. Writing a Thank You
  15. Catholic Schools Week
  16. George and Abe
  17. In Celebration of Reading
  18. Bird's Eye View of Spring
  19. Chocolate Rain
  20. Leprechauns
  21. World of Toymaking
  22. Favorite Outfit
  23. Sounds of Silence
  24. The Fabulous Forties
  25. Living in the 1940's
  26. Water
  27. Nice
  28. Chores
  29. Create a Planet
  30. Olympic Tickets
  31. Olympic Sport Expert
  32. Create an Olympic Sport
  33. Bioethics
  34. Running for Political Office
  35. Election Campaign Platform
  1. Story Starters
  2. Favorite Hideaway
  3. Good Substitute Teacher
  4. Halloween
  5. Discovering King Tut's Tomb
  6. Thanksgiving Guest
  7. Christmas Presents
  8. Christmas Wish
  9. Holiday Smells
  10. Time Capsule
  11. National Pencil Month
  12. Women in History
  13. Create an Invention
  14. Signs of Spring
  15. Mother's Day
  16. Ten Years From Now
  17. Learning Logs
  18. Three Wishes
  19. Popularity
  20. Telephone
  21. Allowance
  22. Television
  23. Hereditary Traits
  24. Writing an Original Folktale
  25. Colors
  26. Year in Review
  27. Summer Vacation
  28. Making Sense of Apples
  29. The Legendary Apple, a folktale
  30. News Article about King Tut
  31. Veteran's Day
  32. Earth Day
  33. D.A.R.E. Essay
  34. Cinderella Adaptation
  35. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Topics submitted to The Teacher's Desk not categorized by length
  1. Red Ribbon Week
  2. Write a Recipe
  3. Halloween Haunted House
  4. Teacher Rules
  5. Wearing a Uniform
  6. Popularity (older students)
  7. Trees and Me
  8. Journey of a Snowflake
  9. Penguins
  10. Swimming in a Pool of Jello
  11. Important
  12. Bugs
  13. Teacher Feature
  14. Thank Goodness!
  15. Birthday Wish
  16. Pay It Forward
  17. My Life as a ...
  18. Finish the Phrase
  19. Invent an Animal
  1. 911 Revisited
  2. Around the World
  3. Best in the World
  4. The Best Teacher
  5. Create your Own Festival
  6. Farm Animals' Day
  7. The Greatest Parent/Guardian
  8. Picture Day
  9. Neighborhood Playground
  10. Out of a Scarecrow's Eyes
  11. Snow Day
  12. Table Talk
  13. The Tree in My Backyard
  14. A Walk in My Shoes
  15. Where Would you Live?

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Originally posted Aug. 8, 1998
Last updated Nov. 28, 2002

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