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Salaries vary for state employees: Public workers' pay examined

By The Dominion Post, Morgantown, W.Va.
Publication: The Dominion Post (Morgantown, West Virginia)
Date: Sunday, April 11 2010

Apr. 11--FOR A LOOK at other salaries across the nation, see Parade, inside.

Gov. Joe Manchin is paid more than South Carolina's governor. The state's representatives also make more than those in Idaho. But a police sergeant in Helena, Ala., earns more than the Monongalia County Sheriff.


are examples of some of the salaries around the country featured in today's Parade magazine. Tracking salaries of public employees is a regular duty of The Dominion Post reporters. It's one way the newspaper keeps its readers informed on how their tax dollars are spent.

Here's a look at the latest pay figures for some of those in public positions in Mon, Preston and Marion counties.


Gov. Joe Manchin -- In 2009, his annual salary was raised to $150,000. But He took in $147,061.06, according to the state auditor. The base salary for House and Senate members is $20,000. State code provides additional funds for interim service, certain leadership positions, travel and certain other expenses. Here are the 2009 figures for each area legislator. Senate: Mike Oliverio, $23,750 Roman Prezioso, $26,000 Dave Sypolt, $25,550 Bob Williams, $24,950 Larry Edgell, $25,100 Jeff Kessler, $28,100

House: Bob Beach, $24,800 Barbara Evans Fleischauer, $24,800 Charlene Marshall, $25,400 Alex Shook, $22,850 Stan Shaver, $25,250 Larry Williams, $24,950 Mike Caputo, $25,100 Linda Longstreth, $24,650 Tim Manchin, $22,700 Mike Manypenny, $24,050 Dave Pethtel, $24,950


Monongalia County Schools Superintendent Frank Devono makes slightly more than his counterparts in Marion and Preston counties. His salary this year is $120,000, while Marion County Schools Superintendent Tom Deadrick and Preston's Superintendent Larry Parsons each make $110,000 a year.

Teacher salaries are based on education and years of experience.

In Mon County, teachers with bachelor's degrees and no experience earn $31,412. Teachers with bachelor's degrees and 10 years of experience earn $37,533.

Other school salaries in Mon County include:

Assistant superintendents -- $102,581.76

Treasurer -- $102,581.76 Manager of human resources -- $68,653.07

Director of transportation -- $80,098.22

Director personnel -- $86,326.68

Director of instructional services for elementary/middle school education -- $82,556.54 Director of technology information systems and secondary education -- $81,023.16

County commissions

All commissioners in Mon and Marion counties earn $36,960 a year since both counties are designated Class 1 properties by the state of West Virginia. Preston County commissioners make slightly less at $35,640.


Morgantown Mayor Bill Byrne makes $8,400 per year. Fairmont Mayor Matt Delligatti makes $60 a meeting, or $120 a month ($1,440 a year); the other eight council members make $50 a meeting ($100 a month).

Morgantown City Manager Dan Boroff 's annual salary is $118,185 per year, which includes longevity. (If city employees are employed for at least 3 years, they get an extra 8 cents per hour. And after that, the longevity pay increases again every two years; Boroff has been employed for more than 16 years.)

In Westover, Mayor David Johnson earns $25,000 per year and council members net $45 per council meeting or $1,080 per year if they attend all meetings.

Star City's Mayor Thomas Konchesky earns $12,500 per year. The town recorder's salary is $7,500 per year and council members earn $75 per council meeting. With 26 meetings budgeted for each year, they have the potential to earn $1,950 per year.

Patty Lewis, mayor of the town of Granville, makes $800 a month. The town recorder makes $500 per month and council members get $50 per council meeting.


WVU's President James P. Clements' salary is set by his contract at $450,000. President Barack Obama makes $400,000 a year.

Walter Hurd, who is a trade specialist, makes $36,301. Heather Ruggiero, a campus police officer, nets $33,092 a year.

Police officers

Monongalia County Sheriff Al Kisner has a base salary of $44,880 with a supplement for the collection of taxes of $15,000, bringing his annual income to $59,880. A new entry-level deputy could expect to make $33,492 a year.

Morgantown Police Chief Phil Scott's annual salary is $79,705.

An entry-level police officer still in his or her probationary period would receive $37,523.


Monongalia County's Prosecuting Attorney Marcia Ashdown earns $96,600 each year.

A magistrate's pay is set by state code and determined by county population. Currently magistrates in Monongalia County earn $50,000.

Salaries for Circuit Court judges are also set by state code.

The current pay is $116,000 a year.

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