Our next concert, Winter Holidays of Renaissance Europe, will be held on Sunday, December 16, 2007 in the Eder Delin plaza (hopefully we'll get some snow for a festive event!). Tickets will be available for this event soon. Check out Performances for more info on this and other upcoming Cavern Choir concerts!

Thank you to all recent auditionees! We had an amazing turn out of talent, and only a few spots available. Congratulations to our new singers Astro, Beatfox, CelticLark, Maurus, NomadMolly!

The Cavern Choir's debut concert was a huge success! The Choir held its first concert on March 4th in A Beginner's Bevin; over 80 people came to the first performance, over 50 to the second. Community response has been overwhelming! Have a look at a few links with some rave reviews! A recording of the concert is currently available at our CCN Soundstage; more info on the program is available on the Performances page. Also, have a listen to our pre-concert LongWave interview with CCN's Ghaelen D'Lareh. Congrats, Choir! You did an amazing job!

Welcome to the Cavern Choir website!

The Cavern Choir is a small, select group of singers devoted to performing a cappella classical choral music from medieval through modern periods. We hold live concerts at various times throughout the year in the D'ni cavern in celebration of its people and its history, past and present.

The Cavern Choir is open to singers of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you have sung with a choir or not, whether you have sung classical music or not, you are welcome! Singing with a choir is great fun; you get to express yourself creatively and artistically, to bond with a group of talented fellow singers, to learn about and improve your own voice, and to entertain others in a safe, group environment. This is something of a new experiment -- there have been univocal virtual choirs (one person sings all voice parts), but this is the first multi-voiced virtual choir known to the web. We'll be learning a lot as we go and making music -- and history! -- all the while!

Please visit our CCN soundstage for our recordings, podcasts of previous concerts, and more! Thank you to the Cavern Communications Network for their generous support of the Choir's groundbreaking work.

Feel free to send any questions about the choir to Domahreh at dnigrammar@yahoo.com. Thank you for your interest, and make the caverns ring with your voices!