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Europe Hot Spell Could Become Major Heat Wave

Jul 6, 2010; 12:42 PM ET


Numerical forecast scenarios are setting up much of Europe for what could turn out to be its hottest weather of the summer.

The thrust of these scenarios is that low pressure will settle near the Black Sea late in the week as high pressure aloft shunts the core of jet stream far northward in its trek through Europe.

For at least the weekend through early next week, a corridor from Germany and Poland east and northeast to western and northwestern Russia would have widespread temperatures at least 4 C to 8 C above normal. High temperature could easily reach 10 C and more above normal.

Put another way, cities from Berlin and Warsaw to Kiyev, Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg may well reach the 33 C to 35 C range.


Since the start of summer, it has already been hot in much of this broad swathe. Berlin and Warsaw have seen 33 C. Highs of nearly 34 C in Moscow broke records.

Earlier in June, Minsk hit 30 C and Kiyev soared to 34 C. St. Petersburg has yet to see the 30-degree mark.

Early "hints" from the GFS numerical model are that even worse heat will follow during the second week of the forecast.

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