The GoldenEye 007 Strategy Dossier

by VGS's Joe Fielder
and EGM2's Mark Hain

This guide is not sponsored, endorsed, or authorized by Nintendo, Rare, or related parties. © 1997 Nintendo/Rare. Game by Rare. © 1962,1995 Danjaq, LLC. & U.A.C. All Rights Reserved. © 1997 Eon Productions Ltd. & Mac B. Inc.

You are Bond. James Bond. Before you await seven deadly missions (made up of 18 stages in all) set in various European factories and hideouts. The game plot essentially follows that of the movie of the same name, wherein Bond must stop the Janus Organization from firing a device upon England that could destroy all computer and electronic records, thus decimating the economy. But simply watching the movie won't help you much here.

Each level has multiple objectives that take some serious strategy to accomplish - simply killing everything in sight won't get the job done. In fact, doing so with an unsilenced barrage of bullets can make the game more difficult since you'll probably alert the guards to your presence. Also be warned that your enemies react to which parts of their bodies are shot (a blow to the leg causes a different death scene than a shot to the torso), so accuracy counts. Moreover, you'll want to think before you shoot or blow up something - mindlessly destroying everything you encounter may cost you the mission.

With that in mind, this guide includes everything a super agent like yourself needs. From basic strategies to weapon info, stage rundowns, and all the game's secret agent secrets, it's all here. And since you're Bond, we know you don't want or need an enemy by enemy walk-through. It's all about improving your game, not ruining it, dig? So, read on.

Now tell me all about the basics