ST. LOUIS, MO ( - Health care is in the spotlight once again Thursday morning. Only this time, the battle is taking place in Missouri. Missouri, and around three dozen other states, are already challenging the so-called "mandated coverage" provision inside the federal health care bill being debated in Congress. So Missouri House members have passed a bill to stop it before it starts. The overall fight is under the umbrella of Sates Rights versus Federal Mandates.

The proposed Missouri constitutional amendment would prevent the federal government from penalizing anyone who opts out of the federal plan and pays directly for their own health care. It would also protect health care providers for accepting payments for health care not outlined in the federal bill. Supporters of the bill are quoted as saying they are simply putting up a barrier to oppose a measure that would require people to buy health insurance. Opponents say this change in law would keep people from getting the coverage they need.

The Missouri House overwhelming approved the proposed state constitutional amendment by a vote of 109-46 earlier this week. That bill now goes to the Senate. If passed in both chambers, it will likely be on the November ballot.
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