Developers & API

The SlideShare API is available free for non-commercial use by outside developers. The current API is based upon the REST model and allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Upload, edit, and delete slideshows
  • Retrieving slideshow information by user, tag, or group
  • Retrieving groups, tags, and contacts by user
  • Search slideshows

Version 2.0 of the API has been released providing the following new features:

  • New methods for fetching user data: get_user_groups, get_user_contacts, get_user_tags
  • Revised output for existing methods to provide better consistency.
  • More reliable and higher quality search.

While version 1.0 of the API is still available, we strongly encourage developers to adopt the new API. All bug fixes and additional feature development will take place solely in the most current version of the API.

Use of the Slideshare API implies full acceptance of the SlideShare API Terms of Service.

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