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DAIS 2010

"Applications and services for a complex world"

10th IFIP International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7-9 June 2010

Accepted Papers

  • Amir Payberah, Jim Dowling, Fatemeh Rahimian and Seif Haridi.
    gradienTv: Market-based P2P Live Media Streaming on the Gradient Overlay

  • Alírio Sá and Raimundo Macêdo.
    QoS Self-Configuring Failure Detectors For Distributed Systems

  • Pascal Felber, Peter Kropf, Lorenzo Leonini, Toan Luu, Martin Rajman and Etienne Riviere.
    Collaborative Ranking and Profiling: Exploiting the Wisdom of Crowds in Tailored Web Search

  • Sonja Zaplata, Matthias Meiners and Winfried Lamersdorf.
    Structured Context Prediction: A Generic Approach

  • Andoni Lombide Carreton, Kevin Pinte and Wolfgang De Meuter.
    Distributed Object-Oriented Programming with RFID Technology

  • Shanshan Jiang, Svein Hallsteinsen, Paolo Barone, Alessandro Mamelli, Stephan Mehlhase and Ulrich Scholz.
    Hosting and Using Services with QoS Guarantee in Self-Adaptive Service Systems

  • Daniel Romero, Romain Rouvoy, Lionel Seinturier and Pierre Carton.
    Service Discovery in Ubiquitous Feedback Control Loops

  • Daniel Romero, Gabriel Hermosillo, Amirhosein Taherkordi, Russel Nzekwa, Romain Rouvoy and Frank Eliassen.
    RESTful Integration of Heterogeneous Devices in Pervasive Environments

  • Ulrich Scholz and Stephan Mehlhase.
    Co-ordinated Adaptation of Multiple Applications on Resource-constrained, Mobile Devices

  • Audrey Occello, Cédric Joffroy, Anne-Marie Dery-Pinna, Philippe Renevier and Michel Riveill.
    Experiments in Model Driven Composition of User Interfaces

  • Leandro Sales, Henrique Teofilo and Nabor Mendonca.
    G2CL: A Generic Group Communication Layer for Clustered Applications

  • Stefan Walraven, Bert Lagaisse, Eddy Truyen and Wouter Joosen.
    Dynamic Composition of Cross-Organizational Features in Distributed Software Systems

  • Jacek Cala and Paul Watson.
    Automatic Software Deployment in the Azure Cloud

  • Travis Desell, David Anderson, Heidi Newberg, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Boleslaw Szymanski and Carlos Varela.
    Validating Evolutionary Algorithms on Volunteer Computing Grids

  • Rémy Pottier, Marc Léger and Jean-Marc Menaud.
    A reconfiguration language for virtualized grid infrastructures

  • Leonardo Mostarda, Rudi Ball and Naranker Dulay.
    Distributed Fault Tolerant Controllers

  • Jeisa Domingues, Antonio Damaso and Nelson Rosa.
    WISeMid: Middleware for Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet

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