200 Dead In India Heatwave

A heat wave in Northern India has been contributed to hundreds of deaths in the region. It is being said that this summer is the hottest one in India since records have been taken since the 1800’s. It is being said that the death toll is over 200 people.

At last count the death toll was around 250 people and residents have flooded the local hospitals from heat stroke and heat exhaustion. In the cities, the heat has led to electricity blackouts and there have been reports of the temperature being as high as 125 degrees.

There has been some word that the temperature has quelled some in the past week but the summer so far has been a devestating one. There has also been numerous cases of food poisoning being attributed to the excessive heat. This is very bad for the country as India has the highest population density in the world. It is also among one of the poorest and dirtiest countries in the world.

As of the present time there has been no word if any international aid will be fowarded to the country. The only relief in sight is the Indian monsoon season which starts in mid to late June.

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