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WR Cooper Agrees To Terms
July 13, 2010 | Last Updated: 7/13/10 4:34 PM ET | Comments (9)

Wide receiver Riley Cooper, a fifth-round pick out of Florida, has agreed to terms on a four-year deal. With Cooper in the fold, the Eagles can focus on negotiations with their top two picks - DE Brandon Graham and FS Nate Allen - who are the team's only picks who remain unsigned.

The 6-3, 222-pound Cooper was the team's second fifth-round pick and the 159th overall selection in this year's draft. Cooper was a second-team All-SEC selection as a senior in 2009. In 51 career games (28 starts), Cooper caught 81 passes for 1,496 yards and 18 touchdowns. Last year, Cooper had 51 catches for a team-high 961 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. He was second in the SEC in yards per catch (18.8).

Cooper is expected to compete for one of the reserve spots at wide receiver and on special teams. After the big three of DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant, the Eagles also have veteran Hank Baskett, Chad Hall, Jordan Norwood, Dobson Collins, Kevin Jurovich and Blue Cooper (no relation). Riley Cooper was the only receiver drafted by the Eagles this year. Cooper said during the OTAs that having played behind Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy for most of his career at Florida, he knows how to make a difference even if he's not in the starting lineup. Cooper's strong hands and big frame could pose a difficult matchup for opposing teams in the red zone.

A two-sport star, Cooper was selected twice in Major League Baseball's draft - once by the Phillies in 2006 and in 2009 by the Texas Rangers. At Florida, Cooper was the roommate of Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, a first-round pick of the Broncos this past year.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 4:24 p.m., July 13

WR Cooper Agrees To Terms
10:50 pm ET
Overall I wasn't that thrilled with the Eagles draft but getting Cooper in round 5 was a great pick. Briz, McNabb putting the blame on his shoulders? I sure don't remember that ever happening. I do remember him putting the blame on the O-line and young players.
11:54 pm ET you think the loss of McNabb is going to set us back that far? I'm thinking we make the playoffs easy. I'm telling you....this team is gonna surprise everyone.....
6:17 pm ET
I couldn't disagree with Bokay more... We did horrible in the red zone, because teams KNEW we were gonna pass it, and they could stop our run with 4 guys. It's kind of hard for #5 to be accurate, when they KNEW we were gonna pass it. We will do better this year if Marty and Andy RUN... PERIOD
5:38 pm ET
Also we may have a tuff schedule but alot of those teams dont have elite defenses like no ravens, jets, etc lions and texnas dont have solid defenses and i dont see to many cb's on the schedule who can cover maclin and jackson our oline will be fine they will do this thing called the 3 step drop something most philly fans have most likely forgetten existed since mcnabb didnt like doing it.
5:31 pm ET
ithink this team will do fine next season we have plenty of upgrades gettin earnie sims was huge he will thrive in our system...hell actually get to win some games for once...bradley will stuff the run well have to see how his his knee is in coverage that im not sold on him having back until i see it. There are is competition in almost every position which is a good thing, all the LB's CB'c and safties are battling for a starting spot something that hasnt really happened the last few season cuz we were sure on the starters
7:59 am ET
Superbowl? I'm hoping we make it to the playoffs, have you seen the schedule? says with our schedule we face 11 of the top 20 QBs in the league. It's going to be tough as hell to pull out 8-8. I want to see the team establish an identity, I hope Kolb can handle the media the way AR and McNabb did. They always put the blame on their shoulders.
2:35 am ET
I am pleasently surprised by the eagles this offseason. Other than removing McNabb (which, right now looks like a downgrade) the eagles are upgrading at all positions. They had problems at free safety last year, so they go out and draft one of the best safeties in the 2010 draft class. They needed a dynamic rusher at the other end of trent cole, so they go out and get Tapp, plus draft B.Graham (Defensive ROY?). Eagles get Stewart Bradley back, the anchor of the D. C.Ingram is also back, giving the eagles a dynamic playmaker on offense. Jackson comes in as one of the most dangerous playmakers at his position, and Maclin/Mccoy are getting reps this year as starters. This is a great offseason for the eagles, giving them more firepower than they have had in years. Only problem I have with the eagles, is their Left Cornerback position opposite of Samuels. Someone needs to step up, or the eagles need to go get someone in free agency.
6:51 pm ET
If our defense can come in and play better than we have last year....This team will be in the hunt for the Superbowl. I'm saying it and you can hold me to it....I think our redzone offense will be better just do to the fact that Kolb is at the QB. Don't get me wrong, #5 will always be the best QB the Eagles have had, until someone delivers a SB...LOL....but he was not a good short range passer, and that was a huge part of our redzone add in the fact that we have two 6ft+ WRs and a great short range passing QB, the potential is off the charts. Last year I was placing a lot of the blame on MM for the play calling...but after looking at some game footage, he really couldn't call a short range passing attack like he was supposed to because of the increased inacuracy of #5. So I'm sorry Marty...go out and prove me wrong this year, please......
6:32 pm ET
Looking forward to seeing Cooper play and think he's gone to be a beast. Kolb should fall in love with him like he did with Celek. Add Ingram and Rucker in there and they have the best talent at the position that they've had in a long time, if ever.

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