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Dahvie Vanity of @BOTDFmusic at it Again with Jessi Slaughter!

BOTDF lead singer Dahvie Vanity is at it again!  He was apparently having a “friend with benefits” type of relationship with self-proclamed “scene queen” Jessi Slaughter who is only 11!   [Sticky's note:  Her myspace states her age as 15 years old.] I found this pic of the two of them at the may 2nd concert in Orlando.

I have talked to her about it and all she had to say was “gtfo dahvie and I dont exist, I’m just a fan.”  But I have also talked to other people who say that they did fuck last sumer when she was 10. I cannot believe that Dahvie has sunk to this level!  I don’t know whether this rumor is true, but if it is he’s disgusting! And I know for a fact right now they barely talk.  I lurked her twitter and facebook and youtube a little bit and she is annoying!  If dahvie were a pedophile, why would he pick her!  Other than the fact she’s a slut!  She’s a lolcow fail at life and so is he!

Just look at her myspace http://www.myspace.com/xxxjessislaughterxxx

CUPCAKES!? Realy of all things to put in your layout she puts RAINBOW CUPCAKES!  They make me sick!  And oh my god wow she has dahvie vanity as her hero—fail at life much?!  But he is sick and so is she!  AVOID BOTH OF THEM AT ALL COSTS!

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