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  • 0. Cataclysm Compilation (7/10) - E. Kingdom 2   08/27/2009 07:56:01 AM PDT
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Changes for: 7/10 - Additional Eastern Kingdom changes; 7/8 - Additional Kalimdor changes; 7/7 - Changes to Kalimdor zones; 7/5 - Changes to Eastern Kingdom zones, list of New Hunter Pets; 7/2 - Links to current Talent Trees have been added for all classes

Greetings, all! As I did with Wrath of the Lich King before, I thought I’d take a little time and gather together all the information flitting around out there about the next expansion: Cataclysm.

Blizzard’s official site can be found here:

There will most likely be a closed beta but, as usual, scammers will attempt to lure you into revealing account information by creating fake sites. Always remember - Blizzard will be the first to announce the existence of such a beta and how players can participate!

Most of the information presented herein will be familiar to you savvy readers; others may find it helpful to have all the Blizzcon info available on the forums. As time goes on and the release of this newest expansion approaches, I’ll be continually updating this thread with new information. As with the old Wrath compilation, the newest information will be bolded within the category list below so you can avoid reading the entire thread with each update.

[Note on release date(s): game shops tend to have 'placeholder' dates. These shouldn't be construed as official dates from Blizzard.

*Every effort has been made to provide the source for included information. If a source is not explicitly mentioned, the information was gathered from transcripts of the various panels.


1. General Information
a. Miscellaneous
b. Mounts

2. New Races
a. Worgen
b. Goblins

3. Zone Changes/Additions
a. Old World
b. New Zones

4. Professions
a. Archaeology
b. Reforging
c. Other

5. Path of the Titans

6. Class Changes
a. Death Knights
b. Druids
c. Hunters
d. Mages
e. Paladins
f. Priests
g. Rogues
h. Shaman
i. Warlocks
j. Warriors

7. Talent Trees
a. Mastery

8. Item Stat Changes

9. Battlegrounds/Arenas
a. Rated Battlegrounds
b. New Battleground: Battle for Gilneas
c. New PvP Zone: Tol Barad Island
d. Other

10. Dungeons/Raids
a. Old World updates
b. New Content
c. Raid Changes

11. Guild Information
a. Guild Reputation
b. Guild Perks
c. Guild Achievements
d. Guild Professions
e. New Guild Features
f. Other

12. UI Changes

13. Miscellaneous Information

14. New Hunter Pets <----- New

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  • 1. Re: Cataclysm Compilation (8/27)   08/27/2009 07:57:03 AM PDT
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1. General Information
a. Miscellaneous
- Level Cap raised to 85
- New Race/Class combinations: Blood Elf (Warrior), Dwarf (Shaman, Mage, Warlock), Gnome (Priest), Humans (Hunter), Night Elf (Mage), Orc (Mage), Tauren (Paladin, Priest), Troll (Druid, Warlock), Undead (Hunter); will not be available before launch
- Two new races - Goblins and Worgen (see below)
- Mastery (see below)
- No new talents (we will be able to spend our 5 new talent points in the existing trees, they just will not be extended)
- No new classes
- Deathwing is the main threat this time around (

b. Mounts
- Flying Mounts: now usable in the newly revamped Old World; Unknown at this time: if in all areas, if at all levels, if there will be an ‘unlocking’ requirement similar to Wrath
- Underwater Mounts are coming!
- Possibility of multi-passenger flying mounts!
- Will be an underwater transport system manned by Gnomes and Goblins; Submarines as big as the ships in Icecrown
- 310% training will be available; price/location unknown; will scale for all flying mounts once purchased! Unknown whether those with 310% fliers will be grandfathered in.

2. New Races
a. Worgen
- Worgen, the new Alliance race, will have their own district in Darnassus. They have a worgen form and a human (cosmetic) form; when in combat the worgen will always shift to the worgen form.
- Worgen will have access to all classes except paladin and shaman.
- Racials: Darkflight: allows the worgen to temporarily increase their movement speed by 70%, and can be used every three minutes; Aberration: reduced duration from the effects of curses and disease; Flayer: bonus to skinning, as well as the ability to skin faster and not use a skinning knife; Viciousness: 1% bonus to damage
- Mount: (pig/bear looking thing)
- Starting Zone: Gilneas

Starting Zone Spoilers!:

b. Goblins
- Goblins, the new Horde race, will have a city (not confirmed to be a capital)in the revamped zone of Azshara.
- Goblins will have access to all classes except paladin and druid.
- Racials: rocket belt that allows players to activate one of two rocket abilities every two minutes - enables the player to jump up to 20 yards or shoots rockets at an enemy player within 30 yards; every 30 minutes the goblin can summon a pack hobgoblin, which will act as a personal servant granting bank access. Goblins also gain a bonus to their alchemy skill, and should a player decide to become an alchemist there will be an increased benefit from drinking health and mana potions. Additional passive goblin racials include a permanent 1% increase to attack and casting speed, and because of their knack for mercantile affairs, goblins will always receive the best possible gold discount regardless of reputation.
- Mount: Roadster
- Starting Zone: Lost Isles

Starting Zone Spoilers!:

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  • 3. Re: Cataclysm Compilation (8/27)   08/27/2009 07:58:06 AM PDT
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3. Zone Changes/Additions
a. Old World
Leave what you knew of Azeroth behind, ladies and gents, for Deathwing has blasted a path of destruction through everything we once held dear!

- Azeroth will change for all players, regardless of whether the expansion is purchased

- Many classic “Old World” zones have been remade; others have had their quests vastly streamlined (“The terrain is not guaranteed to change in every zone, many zones are likely going to stay the same terrain-wise but the questing will get the clean up.”)
- Alterac Mountains:

* No noticeable changes as of yet
- Arathi Highlands:

* Faldir's Cove – easier path carved through the hills east of Stromgarde

* Thandol Span – Dark Iron camp near the Span now is home to a friendly Dark Iron Entrepreneur who sells rare items

* Thoradin's Wall – Forsaken encampment with flight path added near wall

* Other – NW of Refuge Pointe there is now a dwarven-constructed tunnel leading to the Hinterlands
- Ashenvale:

* Astranaar – under attack by Horde; still controlled by Alliance with quests; Alliance camps across the lake – in the hills above is a Horde camp, with inn and flight master

* Greenpaw Village – partially destroyed by Horde; furbolg taken prisoner

* The Howling Vale – taken over by hostile ancients

* Iris Lake - destroyed

* Lake Falathim – Murlocs gone, taken over by Tentacles from Below; very dark and dank

* Maestra's Post – under siege by the Horde

* Raynewood Retreat – ground covered in lilac; under attack by the Horde; Raynewood Tower is also now nearby, also under attack – Alliance quests here

* The Ruins of Ordil'Aran – taken over by the Thistlefur, connected to Thistlefur Village

* The Ruins of Stardust – south of this is a new Alliance camp with flight path, right next to the new path leading into Stonetalon Mountains

* ‘Shael’dryn’s Well’ – this entire area, almost up to the moonwell, is now a river of molten fire

* Silverwind Refuge – taken by Horde and deforested

* Silverwing Outpost – new bridge leads to Moonwell

* Splintertree Post – under attack by Alliance; all Horde outside near road have been killed

* Warsong Lumber Camp – half taken by Alliance; now has Alliance quest hub

* Zoram'gar Outpost – expanded and fortified; many derelict Horde and Alliance boats in the water nearby

* The Zoram Strand – Alliance flight path/small encampment added near instance; new models for Naga

* Other – first structure inside Ashenvale (from Darkshore) is now an Alliance quest hub
- Azshara: now a low-level zone for Horde players, directly linked to Orgrimmar via a path carved through the rear to the Goblin city; from the air it will look like a giant Horde symbol, carved by the Goblins; the goblin city there will also sport a giant cannon emplacement; The zone will be intended for players level 15 and up; expect to see a Goblin version of Mount Rushmore!

* Bay of Storms – basically contains one big island for the Goblin city – Bilgewater Habor

* Bitter Reaches – part converted to a charred vale full of dragons (and one 83 elite)

* Forlorn Ridge – strip mining operation in place by the Goblins

* Lake Mennar – no dragonkin; now inhabited by spirits with changed geography

* Ravencrest Monument – still exists, used for Horde quests

* Rethress Sanctum - destroyed

* The Ruined Reaches – far western end overrun by Gnomes

* Ruins of Eldarath – north of here is Blackmaw Hold, a cave system similar to Timbermaw Hold; Ruins are no longer hidden within the hills

* Scalebeard's Cave - destroyed

* Shadowsong Shrine - destroyed

* The Shattered Strand – much of this has been changed into a battle between the Naga and Goblins

* Talrendis Point – expanded into full ‘town’, but doesn’t appear to be any Alliance quests

* Temple of Arkkoran - destroyed

* Temple of Zin-Malor – new enemies within; new boss

* Thalassian Base Camp – now the Darnassian Base Camp

* Valormok – under attack by the Alliance

* Other – race track runs through much of Azshara for use by the Horde for quick transportation; back entrance to Org now, Goblins seem to run the length of it, making it look almost like a second district
- Azuremyst Isle:

* Azure Watch – flight master added

* Valaar's Berth – boat now runs to Rut’theran Village rather than Auberdine
- Badlands:

* Angor Fortress – from just south of here all the way to the SW corner of the Badlands is a swath of destruction (named Agrammar’s Hammer), with charred desert and the tops of mountains sliced off and glowing with lava – former areas included in the destruction include Camp Wurg, much of The Dustbowl and most of Mirage Flats

* Camp Boff – NW of here is a small Horde camp with a flight master; just past this camp is a new dig site into an underground area that appears very similar to Uldamann

* Camp Cagg – NE of here is a small Alliance camp with flight master

* Hammertoe's Digsite – the dwarf camp south of the site now contains an Alliance flight path

* Kargath – buried by an avalanche; it has been rebuilt nearby with updated architecture and fortifications in the area near Apocryphan’s Rest

* Lethlor Ravine – above the ravine is a neutral Goblin outpost with flight master; following the path outside of town and across the opposite side of the ravine leads to a Goblin transporter, but where it leads is unknown at this time; the ravine appears to have been widened in some places

* Other – a deep chasm runs between Badlands and Loch Modan – it is uncertain as of this time how players will proceed into the zone from Loch Modan
- The Barrens has been split in two:

Northern Barrens:

* Boulder Lode Mine – west of here is a new Horde outpost, Nozzlepot’s Outpost, complete with flight path

* The Crossroads – south of here some Sunscale Lashtails have created a large nest in the newly divided hills

* The Dry Hills – due south of here is the Great Divide, which separates Northern Barrens from Southern Barrens; also seem to be a new Horde dwelling near the divide

* Farwatch Post – south of here near the banks of the Southfury River is a deep Razormane cave; the Razormane have unsuccessfully attacked the Horde buildings nearby and set fire to one of them

* Fray Island – now has a dock and pirate boat

* Grol’dom Farm – slightly expanded, under attack by the Quillboar

* ‘Humar the Pridelord’ Tree – an uninhabited camp has been set up here for those wanting to wait and tame Humar

* Lushwater Oasis – bisected by Great Divide

* The Merchant Coast – the Alliance have taken this area, added a dock and boat (players can’t use it), tower and small enclosure; Horde have the hills above closer to Northwatch (though this is technically included as part of the Southern Barrens now)

* The Mor’shan Rampart – under attack by the Alliance

* Southfury River – one the southern bank of the river is a Ratchet NPC and a Riverboat with small dock

* The Stagnant Oasis – in the hills SE of here there is a path leading up to a new Horde NPC, Jerrik Highmountain at what appears to be a stone, Tauren-created circle

Southern Barrens:

* Bael Modan – slightly expanded with new stonework; tiny Horde camp set just to the north called Spearhead

* Bael Modan Excavation Site – now attacked by Horde raiders, though Bael Modan itself is not

* Blackthorn Ridge – the northern corner now has a Goblin-run mine

* Camp Taurajo – burned down by Alliance forces and is now being looted; the nearby road to Mulgore is now blocked by a Tauren-erected gate, The Great Gate

* Field of Giants – west side taken by the Horde who have erected Desolation Hold and are constantly fighting with the Alliance; east side taken by the Alliance, called Fort Victory; both have flight paths and serve as quest hubs

* Fields of Blood – the Quillboar have more defenses in some areas, but have lost an encampment to the Horde, now called Vendetta Point near Camp Taurajo

* The Great Lift – the road running north of here almost all the way to Blackthorn Ridge has been overrun with giant brambles; the Lift itself appears to be destroyed; just outside the brambles is Mankrik, elite now and fighting the Quillboar; further north is a small, neutral quest hub called Firestone Point, run by the Earthen Ring

* Honor’s Stand – the Alliance have taken this pass into Stonetalon Mountains and are erected a gate of their own while fighting off the Horde; full-fledged Alliance camp here with flight master; the Horde have a camp of their own just south of here in the hills called Hunter’s Hill, with a flight path and ‘The High Road’ to enter Stonetalon Mountains

* The Overgrowth – the lands south of the Lushwater Oasis have become overgrown and lush; there is a new Horde camp on the NE side, Camp Una’fe, that houses some of the Camp Taurajo refugees; further to the east is another encampment where Naralex awaits with quests; further east and on the edge of the Overgrowth is a small Alliance camp, Teegan’s Expedition

* Northwatch Hold – Controlled by the Alliance and is now a quest hub with flight master; a road leads from the back side down to the shores shared with Dustwallow Marsh where a dock sits – the boat seems to come from the Eastern Kingdoms (according to the NPC); The Hold is under constant attack by the Horde, who have a small camp just to the north in the hills and ships in the water; due west of here and near the main road is an Alliance encampment, Forward Command

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  • 9. Re: Cataclysm Compilation (8/27)   08/27/2009 07:59:19 AM PDT
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(Old Zones Cont'd)

- Blasted Lands: Will be opened up to the sea. New Worgen area will be found in the Tainted Scar.

* Dreadmaul Hold – appears to be expanded and taken by the Horde

* Nethergarde Keep – southern wall has been opened with a path leading to the beach where a lot of Gilnean ghosts wander near their shattered ships

* Nethergarde Mines – taken over by the Horde

* The Tainted Scar – completely revamped playable area, very moody and foggy (Daio is still here, fyi); Worgen-themed town with flight master to the very south

* Other – SE of the Dark Portal is a new area uncovered by the lowering of the tides, the Red Reaches, ruled by murloc-enslaving naga; constant fighting between Horde and Alliance mobs between Keep and Mines

* New Pets – Bonepicker Feeder (Carrion, Green), Felscale Crawler (crab)
- Bloodmyst Isle:

* No noticeable changes as of yet
- Burning Steppes:

* Blackrock Mountain – on the NE side of the mountain you can enter some ruins with an interactive throne and portcullis (doesn’t lead anywhere)

* Draco'dar – the NW corner there appears to be another Alliance or neutral camp; due south of here and over the hills connected to Elwynn Forest is an abandoned camp and a small cave in the hills

* Morgan's Vigil – due north of here appears to be a small Alliance camp in Terror Wing Path

* The Pillar of Ash – south of here and over the hills is a very large lake

* Ruins of Thaurissan – in the SW section is a large new encampment that, judging by the gryphon and wyvern at the flight master, appears to be a neutral hub

* Terror Wing Path – in the SE section the Redridge Highway connects and leads high into the hills, leading all the way through Redridge Mountains and into the Swamp of Sorrows
- Darkshore:

* Ameth'Aran – due west of Ameth there is a large area on fire, all the way to the shore; to the NW stands Malfurion, holding the destructive forces at bay in a Vortex; Ameth taken over by earth elementals; Twilight cave nearby

* Auberdine – destroyed; north is a Twilight encampment; Auberdine is taken over by air elementals and a very large, elite elemental boss; small refugee camp outside town

* Bashal'Aran – taken by the Highborne; river flood continues to the east and is overtaken by Naga

* Blackwood Den – greatly expanded into Furbolg fortification

* Cliffspring Falls – cave above is taken by Grell and Satyr

* Cliffspring River – sunk into huge maelstrom

* Dancing Troll Village – fought over by Horde and Alliance; ‘Shatterspear Vale’

* Grove of the Ancients – very green; hemmed in by frozen ancients; has flight path

* The Master's Glaive – the Twilight have uncovered a very large ‘something’ here and a new kind of Twilight guard the area

* Mist's Edge – full of water elementals

* Remtravel's Excavation – area around appears to have been struck by a large tidal wave; Excavation is flooded and crawling with Murlocs; still a quest area

* Ruins of Mathystra – Murloc camp alone the shores nearby; Horde appear to have taken over; Horde town located to the north with flight path

* Tower of Althalaxx – completely destroyed, trees aflame, looting by the Horde

* Twilight Shore – large Naga ruins have been unearthed due to the tidal wave to the south

* Other – new town of Lor’danel established north of Auberdine; the furbolg on the west side of Darkshore seem to be contained in one camp now; Wildkin burrows are destroyed and spirits haunt area
- Deadwind Pass:

* No noticeable changes as of yet.
- Desolace:

* Ethel Rethor – small Blood Elf Horde camp near entrance with Flight Master called Furien’s Post; Cenarion Researcher Korrah from the Cenarion Circle replaces Azore Aldamort as a quest giver – includes a neutral flight path

* Kodo Graveyard – half collapsed into a deep chasm; chasm stretches from Graveyard to the shore in the west; other half of Graveyard is lush and green

* Kolkar Village – taken over by the Magram and fortified; north of here is a small camp where you will find Cenarion Ambassador Thunk (Thunk’s Abode), a member of the Cenarion Circle that offers quests and a neutral flight path

* Magram Village – taken over by the Burning Blade and renamed Shok’Thokar; also has a tower in it now

* Mannoroc Coven – relatively unchanged, but there are green fireballs that now plummet from the sky on occasion

* Ranazjar Isle – an elite elemental, Lord Hydronis, now roams this isle, killing Naga he encounters; due south there is a large island with a ruined temple that has been pushed up from the ocean, full of Naga

* Sar'theris Strand – islands have been pushed up form the ocean full of Naga and Giants

* Sargeron – relatively unchanged, but now the Satyr are siphoning off energy from several artifacts of Elune (these artifacts give quests)

* Valley of Spears – the northern hills, just beyond the horn, have collapsed into the ocean

* Other – the center of Desolace is now the Cenarion Wildlands and is lush and green with a giant tree at the center; it includes Kormek’s Hut, the Kodo Graveyard, Ghost Walker Post, and Scrabblescrew’s Camp; there is a full-fledged Cenarion Circle camp in the Wildlands called Karnum’s Glade, complete with flight master and inn
- Dun Morogh:

* Chill Breeze Valley – Gnome-themed ‘gate’ added

* Frostmane Hold – taken by Troggs

* Gnomeregan – Gnome area outside and around here

* Gol'Bolar Quarry – flight path added

* Helm's Bed Lake – taken over by water elementals; troggs appear to be gone; dwarf camp set up near north shore

* Ironforge Airfield – now a quest hub; has a flight path from/to the Quarry

* Kharanos – flight path added as well as tents for Mountaineers

* Misty Pine Refuge – more NPCs

* Shimmer Ridge – new path added on IF side, settlement slightly expanded

* Steelgrill's Depot – slightly expanded for quest purposes

* The Tundrid Hills – Frostmane trolls have large camp set up here

* Other – Path leading NW of IF has been destroyed by avalanches; to the SE of Kharanos there is an ongoing battle between the Frostmane and the Dwarves; Enormous chasm separates Dun Morogh from the Searing Gorge; there are a number of abandoned little campsites and a cave in the high hills
- Durotar:

* Bladefist Bay – now has a dock and is heavily fortified and protected all the way to the gates of Org

* Echo Isles – taken over by Trolls

* Kolkar Crag – taken over by Alliance from Northwatch

* Razor Hill – road from here to Barrens Bridge is flooded

* Rocktusk Farm – Zeppelin towers removed from here and further down, positioned within Org itself

* Scuttle Coast – hit by giant wave almost to Razor Hill; many injured soldiers and water elementals as well as broken ships

* Skull Rock – entrance attacked by Horde

* Southfury River – much of the land on the east bank is flooded

* Thunder Ridge – flooded, Thunder Lizards drowned

* Tiragarde Keep – held by Northwatch Alliance soldiers

* Tor'kren Farm – intact, but much of the land from here to the Barrens Bridge is swampy

* Valley of Trials – mailbox, training dummies added; Northwatch scouts inside; several swine farms now
- Duskwood:

* Beggar's Haunt – Abercrombie now here, no Horde presence

* The Hushed Bank – mobs changed to owls and bears; quest giver’s camp burned

* Raven Hill – flight master, small Worgen camp established

* Raven Hill Cemetery – Abercrombie moved closer to Darkshire

* The Yorgen Farmstead – no humanoids, but new elemental mobs - Corpseweed

* New Pets - Barn Owl
- Dustwallow Marsh:

* Mudsprocket – two new quest givers added for Horde and Alliance; path leads from Mudsprocket through the Wyrmbog and into Thousand Needles

* Theramore Isle – new highway runs from Theramore across Dustwallow Bay and directly west to the Southern Barrens; the deserter boat out beyond the dock has been sunk
- Eastern Plaguelands:
* Acherus: The Ebon Hold – for now it appears that non-Death Knights can use their flying mounts to get here; all NPCs are friendly

* Corin’s Crossing – a new tower has been established near here; taken by the Argent Crusade; neutral flight master here; hill is covered in grass

* Crown Guard Tower - taken by the Argent Crusade; neutral flight master here; hill is covered in grass

* Eastwall Tower - taken by the Argent Crusade; neutral flight master here; hill is covered in grass

* Light's Hope Chapel – walled in and fortified with a cemetery in the back

* Northdale – now has a lake filled with Plague Monstrosities

* Northpass Tower – taken by the Argent Crusade; neutral flight master here; hill is covered in grass; at the bottom of the hill is a large pit filled with burning undead

* The Pestilent Scar – flooded to the rim, with bridges constructed to cross

* Plaguewood Tower - taken by the Argent Crusade; neutral flight master here; hill is covered in grass and tower is fortified against attack

* Thondroril River – Tirion Fordring is no longer up the river
- Elwynn Forest: Possible flight path to be included at the Eastvale Logging Camp

* Eastvale Logging Camp – flight path added

* Forest's Edge – Hogger has his own hill now and waits for players

* Goldshire – flight path added

* Northshire Abbey – training dummies added

* Northshire Valley – big charred mess, taken over by Blackrock Orcs

* Other: Group of 10 level 80 elite guards seem to patrol the roads
- Eversong Woods:

* Fairbreeze Village – a flight master has been added here

* Falconwing Square – a flight master has been added here

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  • 13. Re: Cataclysm Compilation (8/27)   08/27/2009 08:00:21 AM PDT
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(Old Zones Cont'd)

- Felwood:

* Bloodvenom Post – expanded and heavily fortified

* Deadwood Village – slightly expanded and fortified

* Emerald Sanctuary – remodeling of buildings, added new one

* Felpaw Village – proper entrance now, with more Felpaw within

* Irontree Woods – full of Goblin equipment; Goblin-themed Horde town nearby with flight master

* Jadefire Run – noticeable entry and exit, has demonic architecture now

* Ruins of Constellas – Neutral flight path here; NE is a small Cenarion outpost

* Shatter Scar Vale – north of here is a Cenarion town, complete with flight master

* Talonbranch Glade – converted to Gilneas-themed camp

* Timbermaw Hold – new Timbermaw-style entrance
- Feralas:

* Dire Maul – to the west of here is a new Horde town with flight master, Stonemaul Hold; in the hills north above here is a very large lake with an abandoned burning, destroyed Alliance tower

* Dream Bough – due south of here on the shores of Jademir Lake is an Alliance hub with flight master, Dreamer’s Rest

* Feathermoon Stronghold – original is in ruins on the island and is currently the scene of a war between the Sentinels and Naga; new, much large stronghold and quest hub has been built on the mainland across the water

* Feral Scar Vale – intact; to the east is a new Alliance outpost with flight master, the Tower of Estulan

* The Forgotten Coast – new location of Feathermoon Stronghold, which takes up much of the central coastline; Zorbin Fandazzle has been moved up to the main road

* Frayfeather Highlands – Hippogryphs appear to be friendly mobs now, with the exception of a single rare mob

* Gordunni Outpost – east of here and high in the hills in an abandoned lake and Tauren camp

* Isle of Dread – sunk to the bottom of the ocean; can still be seen, but get the ‘Fatigue&rsquo; warning when trying to swim to it

* Lower Wilds – now has a peak within called The Emerald Summit; Lower Wilds inhabited by Corrupted Dryads

* Rage Scar Hold – intact; west of here there appears to be a green-tinged corrupted Moonwell of sorts

* Ruins of Isilden – intact; east of here are the Darkmist Ruins, very dreary and inhabited by Highborne Poltergeists; due south of the Ruins of Isilden, up and over the hills leading to Silithus, is an abandoned, Tauren-themed camp – nearby is a very large lake which can also be seen on the main map

* Ruins of Ravenwind – southeast of here is a new Horde hub with flight master, Camp Ataya

* Thalanaar – expanded and renamed New Thalnaar, however it is under constant attack by the Grimtotem and is no longer a quest hub/flight path

* Woodpaw Hills – in the east up in the hills is a small Alliance camp with a flight path, Shadebough
- Ghostlands:

* No noticeable changes as of yet
- Hillsbrad:

* Southpoint Tower – now Forsaken-themed with a matching wall between Hillsbrad and Silverpine Forest

* Southshore – attacked by the Forsaken, covered in green muck with plaguespreaders still standing; it remains to be seen whether the Forsaken have truly taken it over, as there is a quest in town that alludes to retaliation for the Forsaken attack

* Tarren Mill – all buildings updated with Forsaken design
- Hinterlands:

* Agol'watha – taken by the Vilebranch trolls

* Hiri'watha – turned into a research station/quest hub by the Forsaken

* Jintha'Alor – Horde now have a very small encampment at the base of here; pit in second-to-last tier that holds a large, roped troll; top cave now filled with spiders, exterior area filled with sacrificed Vilebranch trolls; area where bird cage used to be there are now three Wildhammer NPCs

* Revantusk Village – more direct path now carved down to Village; shoreline flooded nearby

* Shaol'watha – Revantusk and Wildhammer fighting here; Wildhammer have gained the troll outposts nearby

* Shindigger's Camp – aesthetic improvements to path; same with path leading to Plaguelands

* Skulk Rock – troll ruins added to top; troll outpost abandoned nearby

* Wildhammer Keep – Innkeeper moved to entrance

* Zun'watha – abandoned by the Vilebranch

* Other – NW of Shaol’watha is a Wildhammer inn with a flight master
- Loch Modan: no more water - the dam has been destroyed

* The Farstrider Lodge – flight master added

* Grizzlepaw Ridge – now inhabited by a named Dark Iron Spy

* Ironband's Excavation Site – new cave added near here filled with hostile Mechanostriders

* The Loch – 90% drained dry from destruction of the Dam; where the troggs used to be is now a Twilight camp

* Mo'grosh Stronghold – yes, you can see an enormous tower from the Twilight Highlands above the Stronghold; no, you cannot fly to it

* Stonesplinter Valley – new deep cave system to the left as you enter; cave system taken out up the second hill

* Stonewrought Dam – hole punched into it; taken over by Dark Irons

* Other – deep chasm separates normal entry between Loch Modan and the Badlands; Mosshide Gnolls now inhabit the areas west of Thelsamar

* New Pets – Loch Buzzard, Golden Eagle, Bobcat (BE starter), Hill Fox
- Moonglade:

* No noticeable changes as of yet.
- Mulgore:

* Bael'dun Digsite – Dwarves are all dead; area taken over by Agitated Stone Spirits

* Brambleblade Ravine – the area before this is now known as the Thorn Snarl, primarily consisting of scorched earth, a large lake, and an ongoing fight between the Tauren and Quillboar

* Camp Narache – to the west rises Fargaze Mesa; a road now leads north to the remainder of Mulgore

* Red Cloud Mesa – Seer Graytongue’s tent is burned down; the original exit to the remainder of Mulgore has been covered by a rockslide – all that remains now is taken over by the Quillboar in a nest of brambles dubbed Thornmantle’s Hideout

* Red Rocks – Lorekeeper Raintotem has been moved from here to due west of here in a new Horde camp (hub), Camp Sungraze; in the hills above Red Rocks is an empty cave system as well as an abandoned Tauren camp nearby

* The Venture Co. Mine – Supervisor Fizsprocket is now located at the front of the mine

* Wildmane Water Well – there is a Grimtotem camp with a road that leads above Stonetalon Mountains called Stonetalon Pass (though there is no way to continue on to Stonetalon Mountains from the road) – the Grimtotem and Thunderbluff Tauren are fighting for the road

* Other – The Great Gate now separates Mulgore from the Southern Barrens; most of the Water Wells are now roamed by the Grimtotem
- Redridge Mountains:

* Alther's Mill – taken by Blackrock Orcs with very large Worg pen

* Blackrock Pass – now patrolled by Blackrock Orcs and elite named mob

* Lake Everstill – Camp Everstill added on East side; flight path; dock repaired on East side of bridge; now has Freshwater Eels

* Lakeridge Highway – Gnolls have more camps SE of Lakeshire; stealthed Blackrock Hunters further down the road

* Lakeshire – bridge is completed!

* Redridge Canyons – elite Ettins added to area (giant-type mob); Yowler has an open-air den of his own now

* Render's Valley – Blackrock camp established with towers and elite mobs, including riders on dragons

* Shalewind Canyon – flight path added

* Stonewatch – ‘back door’ bridge has been destroyed; Keeshan’s Post established across from front entrance with impaled orcs; all of Stonewatch, including the Post, seem abandoned – likely a phased area

* Three Corners – tower has been erected here with guards

* Tower of Ilgalar – sealed by magical ‘gate’; likely phased

* Other – there’s now a highway that runs from the Burning Steppes to the Swamp of Sorrows above the NE section of Redridge; all dragonlings have been removed

* New Pets: Dire Condor, Redridge Fox, Redridge Fox Cub, Forest Stalker (Fox)
- Silithus:

* No noticeable changes as of yet
- Silverpine Forest:

* Beren's Peril – SE of here an open wall of Forsaken design separates Silverpine from Hillsbrad Foothills

* The Dead Field – it appears this has been replaced with a new Forsaken encampment, the Forsaken Rear Guard

* The Decrepit Ferry – plaguespreaders are on and leading up to the ferry dock

* Fenris Isle – Rothide Gnolls are gone, replaced by Hillsbrad Refugees

* The Greymane Wall – now open; refugee camp is gone

* The Ivar Patch – NE of here is a new hub called the Forsaken High Command

* North Tide's Run – now the North Tide’s Beachhead, where Worgen have successfully destroyed several Horde ships and war machines

* Olsen's Farthing – hills between this area and The Sepulcher have been opened; appears to have been taken by the Forsaken for a bit, but now is under the control of Bloodfang Stalkers

* Pyrewood Village – north of here is now called The Forsaken Front; area around here is now charred from battle; a road leads from the Village to Gilneas through the Greymane Wall (though not to Gilneas City), and the area beneath the road is flooded

* The Sepulcher – all buildings replaced with Forsaken architecture; now has a proper road leading to it

* The Shining Strand – taken by the Forsaken – Murlocs are gone

* Other – the road running through Silverpine has been greatly improved; an open wall now separates Silverpine from Tirisfal Glades, built with Forsaken architecture, and there are several plaguespreaders at the entrance; a new elite mob wanders the west shores of Silverpine, the Forest Ettin; all the Dalaran-type mobs seem to be holed up in Amber Mill now and are not on the main roads

* New Hunter Pets – Skitterweb Lurker (Spider)
- Searing Gorge:

* Blackrock Mountain – due north of here is what appears to be a neutral quest hub, complete with flight master and inn

* Other – the area between Searing Gorge and Dun Morogh is now a deep chasm

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(Old Zones Cont'd)

- Stonetalon Mountains: Eruptions decimate the landscape, spreading the flames of the Charred Vale even further. The goblins have cut through the mountains, forming a valley that leads into Ashenvale. This valley runs where the tunnel between Ashenvale and Stonetalon was. A mountain has also collapsed in the Charred Vale, allowing access to the sea.

* The Charred Vale – finally lives up to its name; mountains opened to the sea and filled with lava, black dragons, and fire elementals; path to Desolace is intact; path to Sunrock Retreat intact, though a fork to the right now leads through a Highborne undead area, the Ruins of Eldre’thar, and on to Sishir Canyon

* Cragpool Lake – now home to an enormous fish, Cragjaw; the last of the Venture Company in the area appear to have remained here; high above the Venture Company structure and in the mountains is an abandoned human camp near a lake with a decayed boat

* Grimtotem Post – to the east and high in the hills is the Alliance quest hub of the Northwatch Expedition Base Camp with flight master, inn, and mine; to the east of the Base Camp is the Horde-controlled strip mine, the Unearthed Ground, which appears to have been taken by force from the Dwarves; all Grimtotem areas, including the Grimtotem Post, appear to under attack by the Horde

* Malaka'jin – an expanded quest hub with flight master; it is from here the Horde launch their attacks against the nearby Grimtotem areas; The High Road from the Southern Barrens connects here

* Mirkfallon Lake – taken over by the Horde, with a Goblin-themed establishment with an oil platform and flight master; a path over the hills joins Mirkfallon with Windshear Crag; to the SW of the Lake is an Alliance post, Mirkfallon Post, manned by Night Elven Rogues, complete with a flight path

* Sishir Canyon – appears to have been opened up near Webwinder Path and invaded by spiders

* Stonetalon Peak – full of invading tentacles and Corrupted Sentinels; Alliance have a new town, Thal’darah Overlook, to the SE of the intact Talon Den; opposite Thal’darah and very high in the mountains is a new Horde establishment, with flight path, called Cliffwalker Post, accessible by lift; the mountains south of Stonetalon Peak have opened into two new areas: the northern most is Battlescar Valley where the Horde and Alliance are fighting, and the new area adjoining this is Thal’darah Grove – beyond which lies Farwatcher Glen, another Alliance controlled hub with flight master manned by Night Elves and Worgen

* The Talondeep Path – now the Talondeep Pass, a path blown open in the mountains between Stonetalon and Ashenvale; appears to be primarily Horde-controlled; Trueshot Point sits on the western side, Alliance controlled with sniper cannons

* Webwinder Path – Horde have barricaded the road close to Boulderslide Ravine, though it is easy to walk around

* Windshear Crag – the entrance has been taken by the Alliance and Windshear Hold established with an inn and flight path; the SE of Windhsear Hold and across the Crag the Horde have established Krom’gar Hold, with their own inn and flight master, and also their own mine; Goblin and Gnome machines fight in the valley below

* Windshear Mine – taken by the Horde

* Other – mobs added to the area include Rams and Eagles; far to the East of Windshear Mine, high in the mountains bordering The Barrens is an abandoned Tauren hut with a large peace pipe – the is also a large lake nearby with a Tauren canoe; the Night Elf and Tauren ruins above the Talon Den are still there
- Stranglethorn Vale: Now divided into two separate zones!

- Northern Stranglethorn:

* Grom’gol – the lands just south of here have collapsed into a large whirlpool

* Nesingwary’s Expedition - now a large encampment with a proper road leading to it

* Venture Company Base Camp – all deforested

* Ziata’jai Ruins – just south of here is a new Alliance camp with flight path

* Zul’Gurub – empty ogre camp with lake in the south; new troll-themed Horde encampment just south with flight master

* New Pets - Vale Howler (Monkey)

- Cape of Stranglethorn:

* Crystalvein Mine – no longer surrounded by hills, thanks to collapse into watery chasm at northern end (separating CoS from NS)

* Gurubashi Arena – mobs behind arena have been changed (uncertain where Tethis is now); new PvP quest added

* Mistvale Valley – north of here is a new Alliance encampment put together by the Explorer’s League, with flight path

* Ruins of Jubuwal – zombies seem to have spilled out and now inhabit both sides of the road

* Southern Savage Coast – along the coast near Gurubashi is now a Goblin-themed Horde town; further south where you hunt naga the naga now have proper structure along the shore and in the hills

* The Crystal Shore – massive oil pipes have been erected in the water

* Other – north of Booty Bay there is now a Bloodsail Recruiter in the hills (no clue what he does)

* New Pets – Skymane Bonobo (Monkey)
- Swamp of Sorrows:

* The Harborage – flight master added, slight redesign

* Misty Reed Strand – judging by the flags, it looks as if a pirate encampment is being added at the southern end; at the very northern end is a new neutral Goblin town, complete with flight master and port, though it is unclear at this point where the boat travels to, presumably the new port at Gadgetzan in Tanaris

* Pool of Tears – from here to the east has been flooding and is now open to the sea

* Sorrowmurk – an as yet identified encampment rests here; nearby on the shore is what appears to be a pirate encampment, judging by the flags – further into the water is a pirate ship

* Stonard – far to the NE is a new as yet unnamed Alliance town with a flight master

* Other – there appear to be more torch-lit paths and bridges twisting through the swamp
- Tanaris:

* Dunemaul Compound – to the NE is a small Horde camp, the Dunemaul Recruitment Camp

* Eastmoon Ruins – taken by the Southsea Pirates

* Gadgetzan – both flight masters have been brought inside the city; the lands east of here have been flooded and a dock now sits on that side of the city – the boat is functional but the destination hasn’t been set at this time; Southsea Pirate ships form a blockade further out; out the north gate a ship is being constructed

* The Gaping Chasm – on the northern ridge is a neutral quest hub with flight master called Bootlegger Outpost

* Land's End Beach – east of Uldum the mountains have collapsed, connecting that end of the beach to the remainder of Tanaris; a small Alliance camp sits here, Steelspark Beach, manned by Gnomes; further down the beach is a camp of Bilgewater survivors, stranded on the beach

* Lost Rigger Cove – under attack by both Goblin and Gnome forces

* Sandsorrow Watch – cave nearby with large scorpid named Gargantapid; the northern most part of Sandsorrow is now a neutral quest hub

* Southbreak Shore – the Southsea Pirates have extended their camp down the shoreline with more boats and tents

* Southmoon Ruins – south of here is an Alliance quest hub with flight master, Gunstan’s Dig; it appears the Horde and Alliance are fighting over the ruins

* Steamwheedle Port – flooded with survivors clinging to tops of buildings

* Thistleshrub Valley – mobs have vanished, but there is a new quest giver here named Adarrah (level 82), and a large stone pathway that is presumably part of a nearby instance (can’t be flown into)

* Uldum – the doors are now open

* Valley of the Watchers – SW of here is a Blood Elf Horde hub with a flight master, Dawnrise Expedition

* Waterspring Field - flooded

* Zalashji's Den – though the name still exists, nothing of the cave can be found

* Other – some new mobs can be found here, including elite Dune Worms, Sand Rattlers, and Sand Lashers

* New Hunter Pets – Basking Cobra, Sunburst Adder, Dunemaul Broodlord (Scorpid)
- Teldrassil:

* Dolanaar – flight path added

* Gnarlpine Hold – filled with corrupted mobs that swarm down the hill towards the Pools to fight the ancients

* Lake Al'Ameth – ‘Strange Fruited Plant’ from Gnarlpine Hold has been moved here

* Rut’theran Village – half destroyed; boat to SW sails from here

* Shadowglen – target dummies and mailbox added

* Other – both Denalan and Rellian appear to exist in two places at once – where the Skinning/LW trainers are there is a place where both of them are together - this is likely due to Blizzard''s desire top cut down on some quests' travel time

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(Zone Changes Cont'd)

- Thousand Needles:

* Camp E'thok – submerged; NW of here is a Horde encampment with flight master (phased) called Westreach Summit

* Darkcloud Pinnacle – slightly NE of the Pinnacle a path has collapsed in the high hills, allowing access to Razorfen Downs

* Freewind Post – apparently taken by the Grimtotem; at the base of the Post is a very small camp of both Horde (Tauren) and Alliance (Night Elf) NPCs, who seem to be working in conjunction to drive away the Grimtotem

* The Great Lift - destroyed

* Highperch – slightly flooded

* Mirage Raceway – underwater; now a giant boat sits in the flooded area with a neutral quest hub with flight path, Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge; SE of here along the high ledge is Tirth’s Haunt, where Magus Tirth is now Mad Magus Tirth and is constantly attacking “Plucky” Johnson, who is the new vendor of the Ancona Chicken

* Rustmaul Dig Site – now known as the Rustmaul Dive Site

* The Screeching Canyon – submerged; in the hills above there is a large, as yet populated or named Twilight encampment

* Weazel's Crater – now submerged; the hills east of here have collapsed and opened to the sea; on the high ledge to the south of the opening is a Southsea Pirate area known as Southsea Holdfast; to the slight north of here on the opposing high ledge is Splithoof Heights where the Galak have moved – it appears they are neutral at first; to the NW of the former crater is a path high in the hills that leads to Dustwallow Marsh with a platform overlooking Thousand Needles

* Windbreak Canyon – submerged; south of here is another as yet unnamed and unpopulated Twilight establishment
- Tirisfal Glades:

* Brill – completely redesigned using Forsaken architecture; now has a flight path

* The Bulwark – fortified and rebuilt with Forsaken architecture; Horde flight path added

* Garren's Haunt – plaguespreaders and a quest hub added

* Solliden Farmstead – the Scarlet Crusade have expanded their fortifications west of here to include a new area called the Scarlet Palisade

* Stillwater Pond – west of here is a new hub called Calston Estate

* Other – now an open stone wall that separates Tirisfal from Silverpine Forest, constructed with Forsaken architecture
- Un'Goro Crater:

* Fire Plume Ridge – to the NW is a neutral hub with flight master called Mossy Pile

* Fungal Rock – A-Me 01 is now outside by a new waterfall and pond

* Golakka Hot Springs – new quest NPCs added, area includes new mobs, Steaming Fury

* Ironstone Plateau – below here is a new area called The Rolling Gardens, full of Bloodpetals and new trees; above the Plateau is an area called The Shaper’s Terrace, not to be confused with the one that connects with the Waygate – inside the building is an elite level 85 Titan NPC, Nablya (The Watcher)

* Marshal's Refuge – Stone Guardians have overrun the Refuge; the NPCs have been located to a new camp SE of Fire Plume Ridge, Marshal’s Stand, which now has an innkeeper

* Terror Run – a small path leads up to a new elite devilsaur, the Devilsaur Queen
- Western Plaguelands:

* The Bulwark – redesigned with Forsaken architecture

* Chillwind Camp – the building here is now complete

* Crypt – devoid of any mobs

* Dalson's Tears – renamed Dalson’s Farm; regrown and tended by the Cenarion Circle; the nearby neutral hub is known as The Mender’s Stead, and it appears there will also be a neutral flight path

* Felstone Field – taken by the Alliance

* Hearthglen – taken by the Argent Crusade

* Northridge Lumber Camp – now controlled by the Argent Crusade; quest hub

* Ruins of Andorhal – retaken by the Alliance in the SW – the buildings at this entrance are rebuilt; taken by the Horde in the NE and redesigned with Forsaken architecture; judging by the size of both establishments they may have inns and flight masters

* Sorrow Hill – retaken and rebuilt, filled with Withdrawn Spirits

* Thondroril River – neutral flight path added to this side of the river near the bridge separating this zone from the Eastern Plaguelands

* Uther's Tomb – beautiful lush pathway leading to the tomb lined with hedges

* The Weeping Cave – just south of the cave is a new area called Malicia’s Outpost, which is filled with caged animals and mobs that appear to be loyal to the Twilight Cult; the cave itself is now filled with many Unholy Corpuscles, ooze-like mobs

* The Writhing Haunt – empty and largely regrown

* Other – many of the areas once owned by the Scarlet Crusade around Hearthglen are infested with Redpine Gnolls; there appears to be no Scarlet Crusade presence any longer within the zone; the Western Plaguelands are largely lush now, with the few undead areas left those of Gahrron’s Withering, the Weeping Cave, and the Ruins of Anderhol; new sound files have been included for the zone

* New Hunter Pets – Bullmastiff (appears to be Horde-only)
- Westfall:

* Alexston Farmstead – partially a sinkhole now, along with entrance to Gold Coast Quarry

* The Dust Plains – tower to the SE now taken by mercenaries

* Furlbrow's Pumpkin Patch – reclaimed with flight path

* Jangolode Mine – taken by Kobolds

* The Jansen Stead – reclaimed by drifters and homeless

* Moonbrook – retaken, now with flight path

* Sentinel Hill – almost completely walled in, inn roof is repaired

* Other – Old Blanchy is dead (I won’t ruin the quest); Unbound Cyclones in various places that will throw you into the air; seems there are no Defias to be found anywhere outside VC
- Wetlands:

* Angerfang Encampment – it appears the mobs here have received a skin overhaul

* Direforge Hill – the mobs here have fled and the area is now overrun with Smouldering Ooze and Rampant Fire Elementals; west of here are more new mobs: Mouldering Mirebeast and Marsh Lasher

* Dragonmaw Gates – past here is now the Twilight Highlands

* Dun Modr – now has a flight path; fought over area now seems to be inhabited by dwarves loyal to the Twilight Cult (who were, evidently, loyal to the Cult all along and not really Dark Irons); in the hills above here is what appears to be a crashed zeppelin

* The Green Belt – the Greenwarden is still here, but now a night elf-themed camp has sprung up around him called the Greenwarden’s Grove, complete with a flight path; the area to the east of here is now overrun by Ebon Whelps, Ebon Slavehunters, and Dragonmaw Whelpstealers – it is unknown as of this time whether the Tiny Crimson Whelpling will still drop form these new whelps

* Ironbeard's Tomb – a very small Dark Iron camp has been set up to the NW

* Menethil Harbor – flooded but reinforced with sandbags

* Menethil Keep – has been taken over by Dark Iron Dwarves

* Mosshide Fen – largely flooded due to the destruction of the Stonewrought Dam in Loch Modan; the Gnoll camp closest to Dun Algaz has been taken over by Silty Oozelings, with a Dwarven camp established nearby called Slabchisel’s Survey; new mobs in this area include the Flood Elemental and Displaced Threshadon; all the Gnoll camps appear to have been destroyed

* Saltspray Glen – the Gnoll camps are being fought over by the Gnoll and Dark Iron Dwarves; further to the west the Gnolls seem to have control over their camps; where Fradd Swiftgear is there is now a more fleshed out camp, complete with an inn

* Thelgen Rock – in the hills above the cave is a medium sized lake

* Whelgar's Excavation Site – taken over by Paleolithic Elementals and Living Fossils, as well as having Sarltooth as one of the undead fossils and now a rare spawn; Whelgar himself has abandoned the site for a camp just off the main road, complete with a flight path

* Other – the ‘Dwarven Farm’ is accessible by flying mount
- Winterspring:

* Darkwhisper Gorge – now a part of the Mount Hyjal zone; Vi’el, the Felcloth vendor, has been removed, as has his cave; bridge leading here has collapsed

-Darnassus - the Worgen district is being added here, not SW!

* Rut’theran Portal – a flight path has been added here; boats go to Azuremyst Isle and Stormwind City
- Exodar:
***Portal added to SW

* Seat of the Naaru – the flight master has been moved here
- Ironforge:

* not yet implemented; the king is missing from the High Seat, and Ironforge seems to be ruled by a council now: Muradin Bronzebeard, High Thane Falstad Wildhammer, and Moira Thaurissan (with a baby by her side)

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(Capital Changes Cont'd)

- Orgrimmar:

* Valley of Strength – the inn is much bigger and now has a well-stocked bar; Gamon is still here; Auction House redesigned and run by Goblins; Grommash Hold is in place of the bank, and the bank has been moved closer to the entrance, also run by Goblins; on tne NW side there is now a proper building containing a forge and anvil; on the north side there is now a tunnel running to the Cleft of Shadow and Valley of Wisdom

* The Drag – now open-air, parts of which seem to be under construction; also a small pond near the center with a dock

* Valley of Honor – the lake has lost its secluded corner; what looks to be the makings of a second Auction House are near the lake; where the Engineering trainer used to be is now a waterway, and all trainers are now condensed into the remaining, expanded buildings (the Engineering trainer up the hill); near the back end of the valley is the path leading to Azshara

* Ring of Valor – no longer accessible; there is now a proper building for Hunter trainers

* Valley of Wisdom – the Tauren district, complete with Tauren architecture, an Auctioneer, Banker, and an Inn in place of Grommash Hold

* Grommash Hold – moved to the Valley of Strength where the bank used to be

* Valley of Spirits – the watery Troll district, complete with Troll architecture, an Auctioneer, Banker, and an Inn; there is a nearby tunnel that connects this valley with the Valley of Wisdom; connected to the south of this is the new Goblin district, the Goblin Slums

* Other – the zeppelin towers to the Undercity/Grom&rsquo;gol, Northrend/Thunder Bluff, as well as the flight master, flying mount trainer/vendor have been moved to a high plateau between the Valley of Strength and Valley of Wisdom
- Silvermoon:

* no noticeable changes as of yet
- Stormwind:

* Canals – Canal Crabs added

* Cathedral Square – gazebo added behind cathedral – looks like it might be for weddings; city cemetery added nearby, very large; Cathedral has room only on right now, also has a path leading beneath with 80+ level mobs

* Dwarven District – bank, auction house, and inn added

* Mage Quarter – path added to cut across quarter, rather than up and around

* Old Town – Command Center and SI:7 in same outdoor area (different buildings); riding instructor added here for ground mounts

* Park – completely destroyed

* Stormwind Keep – path leading to throne room now open air and redesigned (grand walkway, fountain); throne room redesigned; garden area before the Library now has a view overlooking a lake

* Trade District – Auction House and Bank both revamped; riding instructor added for flying mounts (at flight master)

* Other – several water areas have been added near the Dwarven District and Stormwind Keep; unknown what their use is at this time; Portal added to Exodar
- Thunder Bluff:

* No noticeable changes as of yet
- Undercity:

* no noticeable changes as of yet, though players can now fly throughout the entire Ruins of Lordaeron on their mounts
- Starting Zones will all be reworked to some extent to make them more interesting - two races in particular "who have felt a little disenfranchised" will get some special attention (yeah, we know who they are!)

- As part of the lead-in to Cataclysm, the trolls will launch an assault on the Echo Isles, while the Gnomes will attempt to claim Gnomer! Starting areas!

b. New Zones
- The Sunken City of Vashj'ir (78-82): beneath the sea contains the entrance to the Abyssal Maw
- Mount Hyjal (78-82): has the new world tree, Nordrassil, and also contains the entrance to the Firelands; Expect to see Ragnaros here with his armies and a reawakened Malfurion
- Uldum (80-84): has two dungeons; to the far south of Tanaris
- Deepholm (82-84): Deathwing’s cavernous domain; also serves as a travel hub from one high level zone to another, a crossroads of sorts - it will not be a new neutral city, nor are there any planned; note that there has been no mention of portals being available here!
- Twilight Highlands (84-85): land of the Twilight Hammer near Grim Batol
- Gilneas (1-15; Worgen starter) (
- Isle of Kezan, Lost Isles (1-15; South Seas - Goblin starter zones)
- New staring zones: Gilneas (Worgen) and Isle of Kezan (Goblins) will be phased and similar to the Death Knight starting zone
- Tol Barad Island: New Wintergrasp-esque zone (see below)
UK PC Gamer November 2009, Issue 206

4. Professions
a. Archaeology
- New Secondary Profession: Archaeology - lets you collect and use artifacts unearthed from the ancient races
- No longer linked to Path of the Titans; Geared more towards exploring the lore of the game.
- Each archaeologist uses the profession to uncover clues hidden in the world around them, such as troll relics or map fragments, and decipher their meaning, enabling the clever archaeologist to manipulate pieces of the past, learning the location of a treasure cache or valuable artifact. Such artifacts are highly sought after by the Archaeology Society, and they pay in gold and items for their return.
- Interacting with an artifact you find is similar to other gathering professions. It has been specifically stated that you will be able to track both Artifacts and your regular "tracking" for gathering professions.
- Recovered artifacts will be placed in a Journal, not in bags
- Rewards from Archaeology will be something "like": a skeletal T-Rex non-combat pet or the ability to teleport to a dungeon you've been to before
- Two types of artifacts: Common - more lore-oriented; and Rare - when combined will create usable items, sometimes even weapons

b. Reforging
- Specifically, they can reduce a single statistic on applicable items and convert 50% of the lost points into another stat not already on the item; this service can also be provided to other players if you see fit
- it appears this will be enacted using scrolls, and some stats may not be permissible to swap over, like stamina ---> strength - see link for more info

c. Herbalism
- All Cataclysm herbs have the chance of containing Volatile Life.
- There won't be a new Lotus equivalent in Cataclysm.
- "Heartblossom -- Named for its deep red color, this delicate flower grows close to the ground, and always in pairs. If one blossom is taken, the other flower begins to wilt immediately and dies soon after. It is considered very unlucky to disturb a Heartblossom without blessing it first."

d. Mining
- Obsidian is the new common mineral found when mining in Cataclysm, and can contain gems, Volatile Fire, and Volatile Shadow.
- Elementium is the new uncommon mineral found when mining in Cataclysm, and can contain gems, Volatile Fire, Volatile Water, or Volatile Earth.
- Pyrite is the new rare mineral found when mining in Cataclysm, and can contain gems and Volatile Fire.
- Previous Elementium Ore and Bar used for classic quests will be renamed to Elementium Ingot and Hardened Elementium Bar.

e. Skinning
- Savage Leather, the basic Cataclysm leather, can be gathered from most creatures found in the expansion areas and can be converted to Heavy Savage Leather at a 6:1 rate.
- Pristine Hide, the rare Cataclysm hide, can be found when skinning creatures in the expansion areas, or be converted from Heavy Savage Leather.

f. Alchemy
- New elixirs will be about 75% as strong as flasks. So you can get more total stat points with two elixirs, but flasks will still be the best at giving you a single offensive or defensive stat.
- New unique material used by nearly all high-level recipes will be created by alchemists on a one-day cooldown.
- New Mysterious Potion created with common materials restores health and mana in a massively random range, as well as sometimes granting the benefit of another potion. The health and mana range is from 1-20,000 and is able to crit. The minimum amount restored, however, is scaled upwards by the Alchemy skill, making it a great choice for alchemists to keep for themselves.
- All potions and elixirs now use the same basic vial type. Flasks still use a fancy vial.
- New Alchemist Stone.

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Community MVP Disguises to Fool Everyone! Bloodwen: Part I
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