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Diet for Ascension

The Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila"

November 20, 2004

Pdf of Diet for Ascension


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


Earth would like to address the issue of diet in ascension.  Ascending into the crystalline structure  may create a very different type of diet to support such a biology.  The crystalline form is founded upon the fat known as cholesterol which surrounds each cell, and holds a higher frequency.  Fat modulates frequencies far better than proteins or minerals; this is because fat was designed to move energy through and around it that this is so.  (See "Ascending Into Regenerative Biology" for more information on crystalline biology.)


A diet for ascension therefore will not be associated with other diets that are popular at this time in history and may seemingly extend the lives of those who are non-ascending.  Non-ascending humans require more protein in the diet to retain their consciousness; this works for a time and then the death hormone in the meat, poultry and fish that they consume destroys the intestinal tract and stomach  contributing to the experience of aging, along with an decreasing ability to absorb nutrients. 


The death hormone prevails in any creature that is slaughtered and remains in the flesh; the death hormone cannot be cooked out and so is consumed as one eats meat or flesh of any kind, including wild game.  It is the death hormone that contributes to aging in the current human paradigm.  Vegetables, nuts, grains, and fruit in comparison do not produce any death hormone even as they are cooked.


The current high fat and protein diets that are popular may well give one a leaner body; however it will also age and kill the form more rapidly.  The reason that one ends up with a leaner body with such diets is that one is actually destroying the intestinal tract with excessive death hormone through the consumption of much flesh; the more that the intestinal tract fails to work, the less nutrients that one absorbs, and the leaner one will become as one is starving the form due to the lack of an ability to digest one's food.  It is interesting to note that it is so popular to be thin that humans are willing to destroy the digestive system to accomplish the goal.


As one ascends, the body becomes increasingly good at absorbing nutrients in the intestinal tract..  The stomach and small intestines also become increasingly good at producing new enzymes to digest the food more greatly than in one's pre-ascension state of being.  As such, one would actually ingest more death hormone if one continues to eat flesh each day as an ascending being, and this would then kill off the ascending digestive system.  This can over time debilitate one's ascension; so one will wish to eat meat sparingly at most if the goal is to ascend in this lifetime.


The ascending digestive tract also leads to a reduction in the experience of allergic reactions to such things as milk, eggs and cheese, or yeast and wheat.  Mila once had an allergy to milk and this disappeared as her body ascended beyond 200 strands of DNA and the intestinal tract was modified.  She also had a load of yeast in her system; this too disappeared after she went on a de-parasite program and as her pH balanced through ascension.  This shift allowed her to eat enough eggs and milk products to provide enough cholesterol and breads with yeast to create whole proteins in a vegetarian diet.


Those that limit cholesterol in the diet will have a difficult time ascending into the new structure regardless of age.  We also do not advise a completely vegetarian diet year round as ascension has certain cycles where the amino acids are required in great enough amounts that eating some fish is required to allow the biology to change.  Earth recommends eating fresh fish or shell fish at such times, but having a balanced vegetarian diet most of the time.


Mila and Oa have developed an intestinal tract that digests food so well that eating flesh is no longer a requirement for their continued existence or ascension; they therefore abstain from all flesh as flesh is associated with the death hormone and the destructive thought-form of slaughter and shatter.  If one truly wishes to transcend slaughter and violence in all of its forms today, one will have to choose a vegetarian diet in the long haul; however earth suggests that this occurs as the body is prepared through ascension to obtain all nutrients necessary for the continued life, well being and ascension of the individual from the diet. At this time, this requires embodying 9000 strands of DNA and developing the vegetarian digestive system.


There is a rich wealth of fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains and beans harvested by humans and available in most regions upon earth.  The need to each flesh to sustain oneself is therefore a belief in limitation of food source.  In reality the technology that humanity has developed now makes available such a wide variety of food source from many cultures that the diversity allows for great fun and experimentation in the vegetarian kitchen.  So Oa has found out in his own shift from consumption to vegetarianism in his own ascent.  Perhaps each experimenting with these recipes will discover the same.


In time, your future ancestors will become vegetarian; the reason for this that slaughter thought-form associated with consuming flesh is non-resonant with the Great Central Sun.  Those surviving entry into the sun that still consume flesh will find themselves becoming ill due to the thought-form of slaughter, which is associated with both warfare and disease.  Warfare and disease will end as all humans one day become vegetarian; and in so doing also transcend all thought-form associated with the consumption paradigm, and also at the same time enter a state where the form ceases to age or become diseased.


There is enough protein in eggs, milk products, legumes, nuts, grains and vegetables to sustain physicality for most who are ascending.  Earth guides each to move towards a 90% vegetarian diet consuming only 10% fish or shellfish as needed in certain phases of transmutation.  One must combine foods in a particular way to create a complete protein in a vegetarian diet; cheese and carbohydrates  create a complete protein; eggs are a complete protein in themselves and will add protein to any dish that contain them.  Some mushrooms such as the Shitake mushroom has a complete protein within it.  Beans and rice also create a complete protein, and provides more density for those times that one feels ungrounded.  Often the desire to eat flesh is really a desire to ground; beans and rice will fulfill upon this.  Nuts and nut butters are also a good source of protein when combined with carbohydrates such as toast or crackers.  Tofu is a lovely protein that is difficult to digest for most.  Mila and Oa eat this sparingly as a result.


A good guide to the requirement to add fish or shellfish to the weekly diet is that one is craving something extra, but not sure what it is, and perhaps after one has eaten beans and rice.  Often the craving of requiring protein in ascension will have this affect.  Another method to determine protein requirement in ascension is to muscle test the cycles of biological change one is going through each month, and determine if one is transmuting the muscles, lungs, heart or circulatory system; it is as these systems in particular are under transmutation that one will require more protein.  In the average yearly ascension cycle for those under 3000 strands, this may account for one to two months only out of each year.  We will be writing more about this in the months ahead.



The Earth Mother


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