Congratulations to the winners of Best Professional Video of the Week Contest! Hundreds of entries were retweeted and shared on FaceBook to compete for the Best Video prize.

Week 4 Winner: SOAP – State of the Art Presentations of White Plains, New York.

Grand Prize goes to Vineet Arora of Chicago, Illinois.

Each of the winners will receive a new iPad! Thanks to all of the contestants for submitting your videos. All of the contestants are listed here. Continue reading »

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Whitepapers on a Cloud!

Jul 7, 10:44 am PST

ReadWriteWeb is making its Future of the Cloud report available for free through SlideShare’s LeadShare service. This is the fourth premium report produced by ReadWriteWeb and through the generosity of their partners Intel & VMware, this is the first one they have provided as no cost to you.

Check out RWW’s Cloud Channel for ongoing coverage of the strausphere.

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Have you ever wanted to play your slidedeck in synch with the video of your presentation? Now you can synchronize them yourself, without the expense of an editing service! has built a cool tool to synchronize your presentations and videos (both need to be on SlideShare).

Here’s an example:

This mashup was built using the SlideShare API. If you are a developer, there are a lot of cool tools like this that you can build on top of the SlideShare API (go check out the API here).

How you can build your own mashup!
Upload your video and Powerpoint or Keynote slidedeck to SlideShare, then synch them using the ZenSync™ tool on! Detailed steps are below.

Step 1: Upload your video and your slidedeck to
Step 2: Go to and create a free account
Step 3: In your account, select “New Presentation”
Step 4: Follow the prompts to link to your SlideShare video and slidedeck
Step 5: Use the ZenSync™ tool to provide precise start timings for each slide in your presentation.

We want to hear from you. Send us your feedback and the link to your synchronized presentation.
For more information, see the Zentation FAQ.

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Want to give the people in your Windows Live network an easy way to get your SlideShare updates? You can now add SlideShare as a Web Activity in your Windows Live Profile! When you add SlideShare to your Windows Live Profile, your network can easily view all of your SlideShare activity. This is a great way to let everyone in your network know that you have added a presentation to SlideShare.

Connect to SlideShare and updates will automatically appear in your Windows Live profile. And the people in your Windows Live network will see the latest updates of your SlideShare activities in their ‘What’s New’ feed. Follow the steps in this short tutorial to get connected!

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How can a non-profit’s presentation slidedeck or video contribute to its overall strategy? Rosita Cortez, the founder of “Social Media 4 Nonprofits,” has hand-picked Ten Essential Presentations for Non-Profits that can inform your non-profit’s strategy. Here’s one of the ten – Putting Social Media to Work For Non-Profit Organizations:

Author and trainer Beth Kanter shares her list of the Nine Ways Networked Nonprofits Use Slideshare. Beth is the co-author of The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change, and the CEO of Zoetica, a company that serves nonprofits and socially conscious companies. Beth asserts that for non-profits, as with for-profit organizations, your slide decks and videos become a catalyst for informal collaboration, as well as an archive for conference presentations.

Your presentations are valuable assets for your non-profit, whether for fundraising, or for advocacy and awareness-building.

How does your non-profit leverages its presentation archive. Tell us in the comments here.

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Congratulations to Dawn Crawford of Denver, Colorado – this week’s winner for Best Professional Video Presentation of the Week Contest!

Week 3 of the contest is underway, ending Monday, June 21, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. Upload your video, then get your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to share and retweet.
Best Professional Video Presentation of the Week Contest details >>

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Do your presentations tell a story? No matter what your message is, there’s a story behind it – and this applies to more than just case studies. You could tell the story of you – how did you get where you are? Or the story of your company – what led your company or organization to define a vision and decide where to start?

Your company’s story is important, as it gives context to your presentation. In his June 3 blog post, Lou Hoffman describes how telling a story with text and images allows him to introduce The Hoffman Agency in a way that quickly and clearly communicates the vision and personality of his company.

But what about those of us who are not skilled at storytelling and don’t know where to start? Claudio Perrone provides a step-by-step process for creating a presentation that delivers your message in the form of a story. Claudio also tells his own story about conquering his fear of public speaking.

Through thoughtful crafting of your presentation’s text and images, a story will emerge to delight your audience, endear them to you, and make your message memorable. So…what’s your story?

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Congratulations to Abhishek Shah of Mumbai, India – winner of the Best Video Presentation of the Week for the video AOLI – Aids Out Life. The powerful message in this video presentation garnered the most FaceBook shares and Twitter retweets within the last week.

There are four more chances to win the Best Video Presentation of the Week. Enter your video before June 29, 2010 then get your Facebook fans and Twitter followers to spread the word!

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