Quakes hit Papua New Guinea, tsunami warning lifted

Reuters · Sunday, Jul. 18, 2010

JAKARTA, July 18 — Two big earthquakes of around magnitude 7 struck Papua New Guinea on Sunday but there were no immediate reports of damage, and neighbouring Indonesia lifted a tsunami warning.

Indonesia’s quake agency had issued the warning after it said the second quake, of magnitude 7.1, hit 537 kilometres northeast of Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby at a depth of 26 kilometres.

This followed shortly after a deeper earthquake, measured by the U.S. Geological Service at magnitude 7.2, 117 kilometres east of Kandrian on New Britain island in Papua New Guinea.

Officials at the Indonesian quake agency said the earthquakes were not felt in cities such as Jayapura and Merauke in Indonesia’s eastern Papua province, next to Papua New Guinea.

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