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Offspring Plotting 'Rise And Fall' Follow-Up


by Gary Graff, Detroit  |   June 19, 2009 10:44 EDT

The Offspring is talking with producer Bob Rock about the group's next album.

The Offspring is eyeballing some older material as the opening gambit for its next album.

Guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman tells that frontman Dexter Holland recently sat down with producer Bob Rock -- who produced 2008's "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace," the Offspring's first new album in five years -- to start plotting the follow-up. "They kinda went over a couple of things that were left off the last record," he reports, "and songs that were even left off 'Splinter' or maybe even 'Conspiracy of One' and kind of looked at some things with free eyes and see if there was anything there that can be worked on."

Wasserman says the group would "like to have a new record out next year for sure" but isn't likely to hit the studio until January, after it finishes the touring cycle for "Rise and Fall..." And he doesn't expect the group to come up with new material on the road. "It's really hard to do that," Noodles notes. "It almost never happens."

He, Holland and bassist Greg "K." Kriesel, however, are anxious to see what new drummer Pete Parada, the Face To Face and Saves The Day veteran who joined the Offspring in 2007, brings to the party.

"He's great," Noodles says. "We haven't actually done any real recording with him yet, but we're looking forward to that. He's a great drummer. He's got great ideas, just really on top of things. Nothing fazes him; we'll throw something at him, 'Hey, do this,' and, 'OK...' He's a really nice guy and just a real powerhouse drummer, so we're looking forward to working with him."

The Offspring are touring North America into mid-July, then head to Europe for the balance of the summer. Noodles says the group is currently plotting out some dates for Australia, "and beyond that I don't know where else we'll go. I wouldn't mind doing a few more U.S. cities that we're missing on this run, but we'll see what happens."

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