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Rolls Royce Phantom IVThese two snapshops were send to us by jury member Dick Trenk. He writes: “In the early 80s I owned a Denver, Colorado shop catering to race cars as well as high quality service and restorations on Rolls and other marques. The Shah of Iran (Mohammed Reza Pahlavi ) was already deposed and his collection of about 20-30 cars had been destroyed… except one car which was hiding in Switzerland. In the 1950s Rolls decided to build a straight 8 engine (5675 cc) Phantom IV of huge size. These few (16 built) were all limousine body cars which were sold only to reigning heads of state! One chassis was rebodied with a six seat convertible body for the Shah and because it had been at the Mulliner Park Ward body works during the overthrow, it survived. It was smuggled into Switzerland and kept hidden. In 1982 the buyer had it fully boxed, shipped into Texas and freighted up to Denver to my shop. Because Denver had many Iranian students there was fear some might recognize this car and attack it or cause damage in the shop. For a time I was forced to allow an armed guard to sit in my office and protect this car during the time I had it. I was only able to make a few test drives to verify my tuning performance and these runs were late at night. What a worrisome car to have in my place of business.”

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